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by JeSuisButterfly

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  • Incurable? Do you really believe that?   by  JeSuisButterfly     16 y     3,430       4 Messages Shown       Blog: Je Rêve de Toi
    I, Martin J. Lara, am not a physician nor a medical doctor, and I have never been in a medical school or medical college. I am a self taught alternative medicine consultant who has been studying medicine on his own since 1987. I study and research medicine without the supervision of teachers or mentors. What you are about to read is what I discovered while trying to determine why I was susceptible to recurrent throat infections searching for a way to improve my health and live disease free.

    I had many health problems since I was born and they placed many restrictions on what I did throughout my life. I was afflicted with a recurrent throat infection and tonsillitis which forced me to take antibiotics regularly for nearly 25 years. To eliminate the problem our family doctor recommended that my tonsils were removed at the age of 18. Since the tonsils were not the problem, I continued having throat infections regularly and had to take antibiotics until I discovered the universal remedy. I am still susceptible to throat infections but antibiotics are no longer used for them.

    In addition to the recurrent throat infections, I was also plagued with gout, varicose veins, frequent colds, digestion problems, arthritis and liver infections for which I was hospitalized for 3 days and my incompetent doctor did not, or could not, diagnose. Traditional medicine offered surgery, support-stockings and diuretics for the legs. They offered pain-killers, more antibiotics and other drugs for the rest of the problems, but by this time I was fed up with the way traditional medicine handled the diseases that plagued me, or should I say, handled the health problems I had.

    I started to do some research and experiments in an effort to find ways to deal with the other problems. I am happy to report that I wrote this book because I discovered the underlying causes of these other problems. Consequently I was able to eliminate them and prevent getting them back with simple changes in my diet and lifestyle. I also discovered different ways of stimulating my body into regenerating itself to avoid having arthritis pain. This process started a few months after I met Fanny.

    When my quest began, I was a self-employed New York City, licensed master-plumber when Fanny showed me an old copy of the book "The Water of Life by J. W. Armstrong." She suggested that I read it and I did. In this simple book I discovered several alternative treatments for people with recurrent throat infections, varicose veins and other illnesses that were bothering me.

    These options were simple and promising, but I had to use my own urine as a home remedy. It took me a while to accept urine therapy, but since I started using it I have been able to prevent and control the throat infections and colds. However, the other problems did not improve as much, therefore I continued researching and experimenting with other alternative therapies while I continued using urine therapy.

    Though I am an extremely resourceful individual, I consider myself lazy because I always look for the easiest and cheapest way of doing things. I am also a philanthropist who loves to help anyone around me by providing information they can use to alleviate or heal their own problems and those of their loved ones.

    I specialized in researching or developing effective therapeutic procedures that can be prepared and used with things you find in most homes or local stores. Protecting or Improving your health with the procedures I describe in this book, requires minimal effort from you and very little or no money at all. What I share with you in this book has improved my health and it can do the same for you too.

    Though I did not study medicine in a university or in a medical school, I decided to write this book on alternative healing procedures because it is very unlikely that a traditional medical-doctor will ever tell you about the effective home remedies you will find in this book. It is unfortunate, but the procedures you will find in these pages are not mentioned to medical students during the 20 years of studies they have to go through to become a physician.

    Many of the procedures doctors learn can only alleviate temporarily the pain and suffering of their parents, spouses and children. In many cases they have to watch them die hopelessly because they don't know how to cure their patient's ills. I say it with sadness, but many of the doctors of the 20th century only know about procedures that generate money but not necessarily better health. Though I am great-full and probably alive because the doctors were able to help me when I needed them, I did not like feeling that important information was being withheld from my doctors and from me, for the sake of a few dollars.

    The "incurable" myth

    As you will find out in the next paragraphs, tuberculosis was cured with drinking urine and more water, enemas, skin rubs and fasting at a time when the best things doctors could do for a patient with tuberculosis was to remove the sick lung. Armstrong used the same procedures to cure thousands of other terminal-patients who supposable had conditions that were incurable. After reading the book and experimenting on my own I realized, and hopefully you will too, that when a doctor claims that your disease:

    is incurable,
    is genetic or hereditary,
    can only be helped with surgery,
    can only be improved with medication that you have to take for the rest of your life,
    It is very likely that those are the only procedures or options your doctor knows about, but those are not necessarily your best choices or your only options. I have controlled or eliminated the problems afflicting my body by drinking more water for gout and varicose veins. I eliminated the liver infections and digestion problems by eating three or four pinches of sea-salt every day. And I eliminated a runny nose condition by taking two cayenne pepper capsules daily instead of medications to dry my sinuses while destroying my liver. Using their methods would have placed numerous restrictions in my life, would have cost me a lot of money and would have caused many more health problems than what I originally started with.

    I took antibiotics for 35 years thinking that I had to, however since I discovered the universal remedy I had no need to take antibiotics, even when I pulled out two of my teeth in two separate occasions. I also tested the universal remedy for the facial abscess that forced me to remove one of those teeth, and it worked better than the antibiotics. Consequently, I urge you to go to the doctor when you need medical assistance, but don't limit yourself to what the doctor offers because he may have a limited number of options to offer you for the condition that is affecting your body.

    Taking charge of my health

    Although I didn't have a terminal disease, I had read enough health articles to know that a person does not develop a disease overnight. First you get the minor health problems and as the abuses against the body continue while neglecting its requirements, you work your way up to a deadly disease in 10 years or more. I had also noticed that there is no disease that affects everyone because some people took better care of themselves and had a more natural diet. The diet of these people made their immune system a lot stronger which helped to keep them healthy, even when surrounded by many sick people.

    I suspected that all my health problems could be controlled or eliminated if I took charge of my life, my health and my diet. But at the time no one was offering the information I needed to improve my health. Unless I was sick, none of the doctors wanted to talk to me about staying healthy even if I paid the consultation. They are the one that motivated me to start looking for the information and guidance to live healthier. Little did I know that what I needed to know about was my own urine.

    It was very disappointing when I discovered that most 20th century doctors actually believe that lifestyle and diet have nothing to do with our state of health. They blame it all on genetics and bad bugs and do not bother to get the dietary history of a family to see if there is a connection between diseases and the food people eat.

    Everything is black or white to them. Diseases are either caused by genetics or by bad bugs. If they blame it on bad genes, there is nothing you can do about it besides painkillers or drugs that offer temporary relief. And it the disease is caused by malignant microbes they have to kill them with drugs because you have to eliminate the offending pathogen in order to recover your health.

    Before asking for advice, see that your advisor lives by his teachings. On average, doctors die close to the age of 65 while the average citizen in the United States dies approaching their 80th anniversary. Unfortunately, most doctors are not even interested in learning other things outside of their medical literature. If they don't know about it, they won't be able to help you in the long run. That is why we have to investigate and experiment on our own to discover how to monitor our bodies in an effort to discover what is the correct amount of water to drink, which foods promote health and how to boost our immune systems whenever you sense a imminent threat.

    Journals to read when researching urine therapy. Besides what I read in "The Water of Life," I found a lot more information on urine therapy. There are more than 1,000 references at the New York Public Library and the Medical Research Library and many of them are from "The Journal of the American Medical Association," "Geriatrics," "The New York Medical Journal," "The New York Times" and other prestigious publications. There are many books on urine therapy written by authors who are not physicians. A few are written by traditional doctors, such as the book "Auto Therapy" by Doctor Duncan who had to self-publish his book since no one would do it in New York, 1915.

    Most of the people who read this book find it being the most comprehensive on Uropathy. I say that because in addition to what I learned during my research, I also conducted monthly seminars on the third Sunday of every month at the Lesbian Gay Community Center, located at 208 West 13th Street, in Manhattan, New York. This book contains the combined effort of hundreds of researchers from all over the world whom I met through my seminars. The monthly seminars have been suspended but now I offer private seminars to any group of open–minded people who want to increase their knowledge by learning more about my research so that they can learn a few more procedures to protect themselves naturally.

    During the monthly seminars I met thousands of HIV+ individuals who are symptom-free for more than a decade because of Uropathy.

    The former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, wrote a simple book explaining the benefits of urine therapy. Many of the books on urine therapy are published by naturist doctors in the United States, Europe and the Orient. There are ancient manuscripts discovered in the pyramids of Egypt dating back to 3,000 B.C. that explain the therapeutic values of urine.

    The first medical book ever written "The Hippocratic Texts" (1,000 B.C.) mentions urine 182 times. In the Kings James version of the Bible you will find numerous references to Uropathy. Proverbs 13-14 states, "The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death." John 4-14 says "But the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." John 7-38 claims, "He that believeth in me as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."

    Just in case it crosses your mind, I do practice everything I preach. If it is mentioned in this book, I have done it and used it. Before I started talking about urine therapy, I had been drinking my urine and using it for two years. Some of the new applications described in this book are my own personal discoveries, others are the experiences of daring pioneers who wanted to try something that had never been done before. Hundreds of people have directly or indirectly contributed to make this one of the best books available on auto-therapy and home remedies through UROPATHY or urine therapy.

    Breathing vapors of urine for illnesses associated with sinuses, bronchial tubes and congested lungs is one of them. Pure urine-rectal-implants is another and powerful discovery. Fermented to expel tape worms, amoebas and other parasites from the intestine is known in India but it had never been popularized in the rest of the world.

    The universal remedy (diluted urine applied sublingually) and urine injections are simple, yet powerful vaccines for all allergies and infections. These new applications and discoveries were not mentioned in "The water of life" and most other books until now. These applications – especially the rectal implants and the universal remedy – reactivate the lymphatic system, stimulate cleansing and the production of antibodies ten times faster than just drinking urine.

    These great discoveries motivated me to compile all I have learned and perpetuate it by writing "UROPATHY, The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy," as my contribution to the evolution of mankind. I hope you use it wisely and share it with others.
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    • I'm behind you all the way   by  oztin     16 y     1,185
      Hey Papi,

      Just to let you know you can always count on me. You're very wise to even consider uropathy. Keep your courage up and by your faith, you'll see that it will work for you too.

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    • healing crises on u.t   by  #60431     15 y     1,332
      I have been on urine therapy for nearly 4 months now. I started with a cup for 2 weeks and later on 2cups of urine.coupled with urine massage on my whole body. I am suffering from type 2 diabetes for 12 years with tablet medication. 3 times of 850 ml. a day. I also have psoriasis though miled affected my nails( NAIL DESEASE) on hands and which skin specialists cannot promise any positive results.strict diet has not been observed during the first 2 months of u.t. on the 10th week red spot or eruptions appeared on my lowerlegs (shin) which gradualy spread to the calves and later on in my upper legs. I learned that this could be a healing crises.On my 3rd month i observed a strict diet of vegetables salads and fish with no animal meat. my blood sugar had gradualy dropped prompting me to reduce my tablets for diabetis. while increasing my urine intake to nearly 85% a's been a month now without my medication. with the help of exercise my blood sugar level is better than when i was with tablets. my only concern is are my eruptions which start to look like my psoriasis now. i've been using old urine for the massage. though its effective on my exesting psoriasis and new cuts. it does not show visible improvements on the eruptions. if this is just throwing out the toxin how long will it last. i tried reducing my intake for 3 days to 3 cups a day see. i dont want to stop it completly as i'm having a lot of positive results including improvements in arthritis on my knees. where the pain dissapear. please advice. thanks.
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      • Re: healing crises on u.t   by  JeSuisButterfly     15 y     1,324
        Hey, you..

        Healing Crisis' can be a scary time, yes.. :/ Often, the reoccurring symptoms last far less as long since the time it first arose, usually for a couple of hours or days, but consider this -

        U.T. Is an incredibly, incredibly effective therapy. I've read testimonials where it has worked wonders upon everything else. My roommate has been doing full-time Uropathy.. his digestion is strong, his skin like coconut butter, his eyes shiny, his muscles well developed, sharp thinking, peace in stressful situations, and an overall charisma.

        But there are factors to consider.. what kind of diet are you eating? How much water are you drinking? Is it pure? What kind of salt do you use..? It'd best serve you to switch to Himalayan Crystal salt. Many dis-eases have been reversed just from adequate pure water intake and himalayan crystal salt for re-mineralization.

        Also, most importantly, how do you feel about yourself? What do you tell yourself each day? Are you very positive, supportive and loving to yourself? Do you find yourself repeating negative thought patterns and experiencing incoherent thoughts?

        If I were you, I'd begin a juice fast. I'd drink plenty of green juices, pure water, and any urine that was not dark in color or too acidic for the mouth [that which burns when you hold it in your mouth]. I would take baths with warm water and allow myself to sweat, and I would add a 32 ounce jar or two of urine into the water [a couple of cups is fine, too]. I would chew wheatgrass, too! You don't need to swallow it, just get the greenstuff. You can spit it out and add it to your garden. I would get PLENTY of sun and fresh air, and rub coconut oil or mashed cucumber into my skin.

        Begin calming the mind. Yoga is beneficial, meditation is key.

        My other roommate once had type 2 Diabetes. He wears a 24k gold anklet and gets out into the sun everyday -

        He is 100% cured.

        I'm so happy you're off your medication. :) It would best serve you to consider visiting the Liver Flush forum - or, you can do it in a more gentle manner, like I do -

        I make delicious salads with an olive oil, lemon, and apple cider vinegar mix - an equal amount of all those ingredients.. and have a delicious salad with plenty of himalayan crystal salt. When I have a bowel movement, I usually see stones come out. Nice and gentle method!

        But, you need to get to the root of the challenge. Lifestyle change is imperative. Remember, dis-ease is caused by disharmony of the mind, body and spirit. Once all of these balance, then dis-ease will not manifest.

        Please post back. :)
        XOXO, I'm supportive of you,


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