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Je Rêve de Toi
by JeSuisButterfly

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  • A Conversation with Self   by  JeSuisButterfly     15 y     2,184       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Je Rêve de Toi

    "Who are you?"

    'What? What do you mean, who am I? I am me. I am You.'
    A scornful laugh echoed through the stillness. "No, you're not. Don't be ignorant."
    'That hurts... I'm telling you the truth.'
    She sighed deeply, a slight trembling made present. 'I'm trying..'

    "Who are you?"

    'I am me. I am Papillon.'

    The voice boomed back menacingly, "NO! That is only a pet name, an adopted epithet from a sympathetic ex. Where are You? What have You done with You?"
    'I am right here - '
    "That, you are not. You have fallen so distressingly into an ocean of perplexity that You are but a carapace of your former self. Even your altered features, which you so despised in the past, cause you to turn away in objection with your timid glances into the mirror. Papillon, this Papillon - you strive so resolutely to fit into the beauty of that name, with the tenacious desire to be someone else, other than You. That name harnesses you."
    'I'm trying...'
    "Is that your only excuse? Is that your first line of defense? Go ahead and play deaf - I know that you can hear this. It's time to come to terms. It's time to face You. The arcane You, as you have created yourself to be. Do you want to heal?"
    'I think so...'
    "YOU CHOOSE TO KNOW. Do you want to heal??"
    'I don't know -'
    'NO! I'm AFRAID'
    "OF WHAT??"
    'Of failure...'

    "Then at least stop, please stop, being so cruel to yourself..."

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    • First we must learn to love and respect ourself, then all others will fa...   by  kerminator     15 y     712

      Try to be a friend to yourself, then you can become the person that you allow yourself to be....  We are only restricted by our own minds and actions.... 

      We all have the freedom to fail; that is what life is all about, free will with many disappointments, but if we have the faith and are true...  True to ourself then all else Will fall into place...  Life is based on what we DID....  { We start as Dependant babies, grow into Independent  adults, who must seek our own salvation, and become Dependent upon GOD..}  So seek your salvation, the pray and become Dependant upon the only pure and true power in the universe; Almighty GOD.... 

      I will be blogging on the power of healing words soon, so please wait and expect some positive results in your life; my dear Lady... 

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    • Amazing!   by  Dazzle     15 y     756
      Je Rêve de Toi is a sonic boom revelation, Butterfly! One cannot ignore the profound message: Know thyself! Knowing self is a preclude to healing self. A beautifully wrought lesson! ~ Dazzle
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