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Cleansing in reality
by shermie

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  • Beginning Blog - Cleansing commitment   by  shermie     16 y     2,322       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Cleansing in reality
    Hi there.
    This is the start of a 2 month plan to get myself in a state of health; mind, body and spirit.
    At the end of 2005 I had completed a year of therapy (for various life problems) and had to stop due to finances and emotional stalemate. I had grown a LOT in the previous year and decided it was high time for some physical changes.
    I've always been pretty mindful about what I ate - I was a hard-core vegetarian from 18-28, and still am mostly veggie - but my drinkie-poos and smoky-treats have certainly been in abundance for the last 5 years (I'm 36 now - divorced 6 years ago - really let myself go in all the wrong ways for quite a while!)
    Anyway - down to the nitty-gritty.
    For the past 2 weeks I've been prepping myself for a liver-flush - to result in a 10-day master cleanse.
    This is what I've experienced so far...
    Been doing the p&b shakes and Clarkia...
    Now, the bowel cleansing -
    I don't know if I actually need it - as I've always gone 2-5 times a day and can only remember being constipated about 4 times in my life (usually on vacation - I kind of like my own bathroom...)
    So, I've been doing 2-4 shakes a day for the past 2 weeks and haven't really noticed any MP - although today I've gone 3 times and I think what's coming out is a little mucousy and definitely not food from yesterday...
    As for the Parasite cleansing...
    I'm noticing the "rice" - but I eat a lot of raw nuts - so... it could be that - I'm gonna hold off on my sunflower seeds and cashews for a couple of days, if they're still there - then, YAY the Clarkia is working (I don't sell Clarkia-it was just recommended on this site and I didn't want to bother with doing the 3 different herbs)
    Physical changes...
    My energy has DEFINITELY increased.
    The 1st few days of doing the parasite cleanse I had INTENSE pain under my right scapula that has since gone away (lung parasites?)
    My eyes are VERY clear - they used to be yellowy/red - although it could just be from putting myself to bed at a decent hour and foregoing the pub...
    Mentally I feel at least 30% more centered.
    That's it for now
    I'll probably not blog everyday - most likely just a few times a week until I get into the fasting part - which I'm going to forestall until it gets warmer - I've read that you get very cold, and I'm already cold - and with the price of gas!
    So - I'll continue with the bowel cleansing and hopefully get 2 liver flushes in before the MC.
    Take care all.
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    • Cleansing....   by  cjgoraw     16 y     1,529
      Just wanted to offer my encouragement. I noticed we seem to be about the same age and I have done the liver cleanse and Master Cleanse before and loved the results.

      Due to a variety of events since November...(lost both g'parents a month apart and other less traumatic but still stressful occurences)I had gotten totally away from my "raw lifestyle"....just seemed too complicated to deal with that and my MOTHER at the same time...LOL..

      Anyway, have been paying the price health and wellness wise and trying to get back on the bandwagon...about to do a cleansing and fasting routine as I said, wanted to encourage you. I sometimes think falling off the wagon reminds of how far we have come and have to go.

      Take care. You are doing a great thing for yourself.
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