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    Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss

Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss
by katiemarie

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  • Day 28   by  katiemarie     16 y     4,414       4 Messages Shown       Blog: Juicy Journal - 30 Day Juice Fast

    My mind is jumping around today as I wrap this part of my journey up. I woke up and thought of breaking my fast today. Not because I'm hungry. I'm not even slightly hungry. But Wednesday would be the day of eating again (day 31) and that concerns me. I think it would better to break during a weekend so I can see how my body responds to food and I can be nearby a toilet. I've read that some people experience the need to immediately eliminate after they eat solid food. There is no privacy where I work and wouldn't want any tummy troubles to happen there!  So I might break it next weekend or Friday night. I plan on just eating fruit the first two days or more. Watermelon, papaya, kiwi, etc. Very water based fruit to start. Then I can head for my veggies, which I am truly looking forward to. Fuhrman is now my game plan for the way I will continue to eat in order to stabalize my weight and then start losing again.

    A couple weeks ago I was thinking of pressing on doing 40 or maybe even 50 days. But that was a weight loss decision and not a health decision. I doubt I'll lose much more weight then have so far and I know I have the dicipline to eat correctly after this fast. It's given me the commitment and confidence I need to shed this last 25-30 lbs. My goal weight is 130 or 125. I know I'll feel great at even at 137. Even though I am petite and small boned I've always been able to carry a little more weight on this curvy body.

    I feel like I finally get it. The weight loss is great but of course everyone is going to lose weight when they stop eating solids. It's the aftermath that's so important. I was reading this link to someone's hero, a "hall of famer" as she put it. The woman lost 54 lbs in 43 days or something like that on a water fast. She cheated occassionally with a meatball, a slice of cheesecake and once with turkey and mashed potatoes. The hall of famer was so proud of herself because it was only about, Look how much weight I lost! And I cheated and I didn't exercise!  I just couldn't figure out why she would be someone's weight loss hero.  What did this person learn? She was about as inspirational as a bulimic saying, Look! I can eat all this food and throw it up and I don't gain weight! That's how I felt about it anyway. There are all sorts of ways we can abuse our bodies and I felt this was a prime example of one of those people. Ausjulie and Dazzle are people who I can feel proud to look up to because of their commitment to health after they have fasted. I really hope to have the same kind of sucess.

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    • The Good comes after the Fast   by  YourEnchantedGardener     16 y     1,876
      6:58 PM
      January 10, 07

      Yes, Katiemarie,

      Best to go very slow with the breaking of the fast.
      Dr. Jensen called it Bloodless Surgery.

      This is very intense work.
      The good comes after the fast.

      I once broke a fast the wrong way, eating too much food
      too fast, and solid food too fast.

      It took me a whole year to get over the emotional
      issues that came up because I broke the fast on the wrong

      Then I started to stuff. I lost control totally.

      There is a reaction I felt about the denial, and then
      some chemical imbalanceset in.

      Dr. Jensen would break people on wilted semi steams carrots.

      I hope you do a lot of research about how to break the fast.

      The good is established by setting a new pattern of eating
      and living in a balanced way.
      This is where a person really has an opportunity to
      show self love by going very slow, and finding out
      just what foods you need to eat.

      Thanks for comments on my blog and the email.

      Love from Your Enchanted Gardener
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    • Good for you!!   by  drpr     16 y     1,944
      Like you I am definitely not focusing on weight loss as my, sole measure of success. Learning how to eat properly and, for me, how to appreciate it as fuel more than as a treat, are much more important than how much I can lose in a short amount of time. Good for you for having a good attitude!!
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    • Re: Day 28   by  Disturbance     15 y     3,161
      Your attitude is brilliant, that's the way to go!
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