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Telman’s Liver File
by telman

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  • Flushes 1 to 10   by  telman     15 y     6,656       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Telman's Liver File
    First Flush

    Having carefully research and read through the information readily available on the internet decided to trust in curezone as it was the only forum to offer true altruistic support. I started my first flush on 2nd June 2005. I did exactly as it said in the Dr Hulda Clark protocol except that everything was 1hr later, I used the juice from three lemons with which I sipped alternately the olive oil and I did not take any ornithine capsules. I had no problems drinking any of the potions and in fact quite enjoyed the olive oil and lemon juice. When I was laying flat on my back in bed I could sense and almost feel the movement of something in the gall bladder area. I also had a few mild cramps at this time and also later in the night.

    I had to get out of bed at 3.30 am with diarrhoea, which I assume was a reaction to the Epsom salts. The next day I had to visit the toilet about every 30 minutes to start with from about 9.00am trailing of to 2hrs until I stopped at 9.00 pm. My waste was all liquid and green stones with the constancy of old putty. The toilet bowl looked as if someone had poured a tin of pea and lentil soup in it.
                What came out?

    1 stone bigger than 2cm
    20 stones bigger than 1cm
    40 stones pea sized
    Loads of gravel sized stones
    My gallbladder felt quite tender, my stomach was slightly bloated and my anus was incredible sore but overall I felt that the whole operation was a great success. I my heart I felt that the job was not quite done and that I needed another flush. So as I don’t have to work at present I schedule this for Monday 6th June 2005, four days after the first flush.

    Second Flush

    The second flush was carried out 5 days later because of some continued discomfort feeling that the flush had not completed. I reduced the Epson Salt dose down to 1 desert spoon per dose to try and control the diarrhoea and I also gave my anus a good coating of Vaseline before I went to bed. Every thing else was the same. This time I slept though until 7.00am but I still had the diarrhoea and a multitude of visits to the toilet from 9.00am onwards. The Vaseline was a good idea as it stopped me getting sore.
    What came out?

    1 stone bigger than 2 cm
    13 stones bigger than 1.5 cm
    24 stones bigger than 1 cm
    34 stones of pea sized
    Loads more gravel

    When I thought it was all over I felt what I thought was wind travelling and gurgling through my intestines and when I finally needed to answer the call of nature at 8.00pm I discharged a 3.5 cm stone which appeared to be partially calcified, having a hard white crust. The next day I pasted another 12 stones all around 1 cm in size.

    Third Flush
    I carried out my third flush on 13 June 2005 and buoyed on by the success I had so far and my ability to easily drink the potions I decided to give my liver a double hit. After drinking the olive oil and lemon juice and lying flat on my back for 30 minutes I had another dose of the olive oil and lemon juice and lay again for 30 minutes. I did suffer from indigestion in the night and still had the taste of olive oil in my mouth in the morning; however, the results were excellent as follows:

    What came out?
    1 stone bigger than 3 cm
    1 stone bigger than 2 cm
    9 stones bigger than 1 cm
    35 stones pea sized
    Loads of sludge

    The consistency of the stones was very different than the green squashy stones that I expelled on the first two occasions. On the previous flush the stones were starting to get hard or having a hard crust but the stones this time were grey and the consistency of hard cheese. The large stone which was 3 cm by 1 cm appeared as if it had been squashed in a tube like a wax earplug and the sludge was disgusting grey fowl smelling stuff. I assume that these stones probably come from my liver rather than gall bladder but I don’t know.
    My first solid motion on the following day (Day 3) at 11.30 am was normal except that it was 25% full, evenly distributed of the gritty sludge. So I guess my liver is flushing on its own now that a major blockage has been removed. (Retrospectively it could be a mixture of faeces and biliary debris) Even on day 4 my motion contained inserts of light coloured stones and gravel. Incidentally, this was the first motion for years that actually sank in the toilet bowl, which illustrates that changes are starting to occur in my body. I also have some tenderness just below the sternum but on the whole I feel quite elated and certainly not so unwell.

    4th Flush
    My forth flush was started on 20th June were I used the same modified Dr Hulda Clark procedure that I used on the third. In summary as follows:

                6.30 pm 1 desert spoon Epson Salts
                8.30 pm 1 desert spoon Epson Salts
                10.30 ½ cup olive oil and juice from three lemons sipped alternatively.
                10.00 ¼ cup olive oil and juice from two lemons sipped alternatively.
                7.00 am 1 desert spoon Epson Salts
                9.00 am 1 desert spoon Epson Salts
    Well it was a very hot and humid midsummer’s night and I didn’t sleep very well. Apart from coping with the high temperatures and humidity I had significant indigestion, nasty heart burn and some nausea. Also the taste of olive oil stayed in my mouth until midday which I try countered with a little honey.

    First bowel movement was at 7.00 am included a 1 cm hard green stone and loads of green gravel and fawn coloured floating sand. In fact through out the morning there were mainly pea sized stones and lots of lentil sized stones but the majority was gravel. At 12.00 am midday the detritus changed from green gall bladder waste to a “stones” that looked like digestive biscuit, i.e. compacted sand and gravel of which some sinks in water. It was like the hard cheesy stuff on the third flush but looser and breaking up. I think this is debris from the liver that got unblocked and has started to break down in the last week since the 3rd flush. This gravel came out steadily throughout the day until I retired at 11.00pm and even the first bowel movement at 8.00 am the following day it was present. At the second bowel movement at 1.30 pm there were three huge stones of the grey gunge the larges being about 4cm by 2.5cm. However, I think these were the gravel that has been compressed into a solid lump by my gut rather than a true stone
    What came out?

    1 stone bigger than 3 cm (compressed gravel)
    5 stones bigger than 2 cm (4 compressed gravel)
    11 stones bigger than 1 cm (10 compressed gravel)
    23 stones pea sized
    Very large amount of gravel probable about half a cup. (However I can't think that this is all from the biliary system)

    5TH Flush

    It has been 2 weeks since my last flush and over that period I have started to see some important changes in my body. I no longer have any floaters and all my bowel movements are dark brown/green. I can seem to eat a greater selection of foods without bloating or indigestion, particularly, mixing carbohydrates with meat. I still get a little discomfort in my Gall Bladder region but this is fading and I look forward to some days when I will not notice it at all. I still get very hungry for refined foods like biscuits and chocolate which is a struggle to control and I had put on about 5lbs in weight even though my diet hasn’t changed.
    It’s the 4th July and I am undertaking a fairly standard Dr Hulda Clark flush. This time I found the olive oil and lemon juice a bit of a struggle to drink and I had a very restless night. In the morning I awoke at 6.30am and had my Epson salts at 7.00am and 9.00am. I could still taste the olive in my mouth for most of the morning and felt nauseous.

    I had my first bowel movement (BM) at 9.00am which showed up a 1cm green stone and 4 lentil-sized green stones. The second BM at 11.00am, which was mostly “butt pee” included a 2cm stone made up of small stones that where compressed together into a solid albeit soft lump.
    Nothing much then until 5.00pm when I got a little gravel but at 11.00pm just before going to bed my bowel movement showed quite a lot of unusual stuff. There were some small red stones and a couple of black ones about the size of lentils but most alarmingly there were three pink things about 0.5cm wide and 2.5cm long. There looked in quite a bad state very fragile and like foam. I thought that they were the remnants poorly digested apple which I ate at 11.30am that morning but on reflection there could be liver flukes. Unfortunate they would not have taken a photograph but just imagine a piece of very ripe pink melon and that’s what it looked like.

    What came out?
    1 stone greater than 2cm compressed gravel
    2 green stone greater than 1cm
    6 stones pea sized green stones
    Tablespoon of gravel

    6th Flush
    The 6th flush was carried out on 11/12 July a week later than the 5th and was a standard Dr Hulda Clark. The weather was hot and the nights very humid so it was difficult to sleep but never the less things went very straight forward. The next day was the usual possession to the toilet at very frequent interval to expel bits of gravel and gunge but not that much this time although I did get a 2cm by 1cm stone first thing in the morning. Much of the later stuff was hard gravel including some small black stones (about 3mm) most of which sank. I did encounter so pain about 5cm below the chest “V” from 3.00 pm which lasted until I retired at 11.00 pm.

    What came out?
    1 stone greater than 2cm (Hard green and disk shaped)
    7 stones pea sized (Hard green)
    Desert spoon of gravel

    7th Flush
    Flushed on 18/19th July 2005 with a standard Dr Hulda Clark protocol except that I replaced the 2 doses of Epson Salts the following morning with 1 pint of warm water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in it. Also because the amount of stones and gravel that I am producing with each flush is diminishing and I don’t particularly like the purgative effects of the Epson Salts which affects me greatly. I felt that I wanted a protocol that gave me a little more freedom on the second day. Everything went quite smoothly but I did get a lot of pain and restlessness in my legs in the night mainly the front thigh area. In the morning I got up at 07.30pm and drank a pint of salt water, an hour later I had some fresh orange juice and half an hour after that some fruit; fresh raspberries from my garden.

    I had my first bowel movement at 10.00am which included three good sized stones and the last at 17.00 hrs which produced 23 stones. I was able to go about my daily duties without worrying about being court short as I only had 5 bowel movements in total and no “butt-pee”.
    What came out?

    14 stones greater than 1cm (13 - Hard green + 1 – Calcified crust)
    21 stones pea sized (Hard green)
    An imperceptible amount of little stones, gravel, etc.

    It has been 7 weeks since I started flushing and I feel quite a bit different although it’s quite hard to quantify what the changes are. My body weight has increased by 5 pounds although my waist size has shrunk by an inch. The acute gall bladder pain has gone and the dull ache in the same region in decreasing. I can eat fresh cream with my fruit without any discomfort. All my Bowel movements sink and are dark brown/green in colour. The pains in my muscles have moved around and are less in my back and neck but more in my legs. I am much calmer and have an improved mood. The length of time that I sleep has increased from 7 to 8 hours and I dream much more and I like a siesta after lunch for 30 minutes. It is as if I am sleeping to make up lost sleep in the past or to allow the body to re balance itself. One negative aspect is that my vision has become very blurred and my eyes dry and gritty.
    8th Flush

    After the 7th flush I took some leave and went on a camping holiday with plenty of cliff walking, swimming and dancing. I’ve had a really good time free from the Gallbladder pain that often blights my enjoyment of life. On the 6th and 7th August just after my return home I had a GB attack two hours after my main meal so consequently went ahead with a liver flush on the 8th August which was 21 days after the previous one. I did a standard Dr Hulda Clark flush and had a good nights sleep. The next morning I awoke at 7.00am and had some Epson salts but I followed it 2 hours later with and drink of water and sea salt. I passed a good quantity of green stones during the day and a very large white crusted stone just before I retired. The next morning I produced many large white crusted stones, a significant amount of gravel and some pink pieces which were possibly the remains of liver flukes. They most definitely weren’t tomatoes skins because I have been eating tomatoes from my own garden and I grow the Sunrise, yellow skin variety.
    What came out?

    1 stone nearly 3cm by 2cm (White crusted)
    5 stones bigger than 2 cm (Green)
    18 stones bigger than 1 cm (10 Green and 8 white crusted)
    20 stones pea sized (12 Green and 8 white crusted)
    About 2 tablespoons of gravel, chaff and small stones.
    I was quite tender in the gall bladder region all day on the second day of the flush and had a small amount of reflux.

    9th Flush
    After the 8th flush I felt good and full of energy but 4 weeks later I was back feeling tired and brain fogged. I was also suffering from a lot of pain around my liver area, on the back of my neck and in my joints which had become quite stiff. I had also started to sleep irregularly and woke often in the night. I decided it was time for another flush that duly commenced on the 5th September 2005. I followed the standard Dr Hulda Clark protocol except that the 4th dose of Epson Salts was replaced by water and sea salt which is same procedure as the 8th flush. I slept quite well but the night was hot and humid and I had a small reflux that burnt my throat. Not very much happened at all during the day and I had far less bowel movement than previous flushes. As can be seen the “visible” stones count was quite small but I have had small counts before.

    What came out?
    2 stones bigger than 1 cm (Green)
    6 stones pea sized (Green)
    2 tablespoons of mall greenish-yellow chaff that floats and small hard dark green stones.

    Four days after the 9th flush on the Friday 9th September 2005 I awoke with a stiff neck and shoulder. At 15.00hrs and two hours following lunch I was struck with intense gall bladder pain which incapacitated me for about two hours. Afterwards I had a great deal of food that kept being regurgitated and lots of indigestion, heartburn, my stomach was very swollen and I didn’t sleep at all well. I also had a few painful rashes and hives; I was very itchy especially across my forehead and suffered cramp in the legs.  It is important to mention that lunch was taken at 12.00 noon and from 13.00 until 15.00 I was riding a motorbike to a rally and camping over the weekend to celebrate my/our wedding anniversary. The next morning I could eat lightly and things gradually got better throughout the day but I had no bowel movement until the next morning Sunday at 8.30am. My stools were very pale and like putty, which is a clear indication that there is an obstruction to the flow of bile from my liver. There are other causes but this is the most likely. Second bowel movement was at 12.30pm and this was a mixture of pale and more normal stools but very smelly. There appeared to be two pinkish stringy remains about 2 inches long, just the skins, but as the digestive system would have been impaired by the poor flow of bile the jury is out as the whether they were parasites or bean shoots! My third bowel movement on Sunday at 20.30 had much the same but also some yellow mucus. Even on Monday things weren’t right and I had headaches, burning in the “V” below the sternum, back pain and pale smelly bowel movements. The consequence of this experience is that I will bring forward my next flush to try and eradicate the problem.
    10th Flush

    I flushed on 12th September 2005 using a modified Dr Kelly Protocol because I felt as if I needed to give the liver and gall bladder an extra kick to help dislodge some stubborn stones. The cream and raspberries, picked fresh from by garden went down a treat and did not appear to affect the olive oil and lemon juice solution.
    13.00hrs, nothing more to eat but drink water as required until 15.00hrs.
    16.00hrs, 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution.
    19.45hrs, 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution.
    21.00hrs, 4oz eat 4oz double cream with fresh raspberries.
    23.00hrs, 4oz olive oil/4oz lemon juice solution and straight to bed holding the suggested position for 30 minutes, face down – pillow under right shoulder – knee fully up to chest – massage gall bladder area.

    I slept very well and even dozed of in the special flush position and woke on the alarm at 6.30am. I arose at 7.00am and had 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution. I felt a bit rough, tired and dehydrated with a little tenderness in the gall bladder region and a little heartburn. I had my first bowel movement which included two 1cm green stones and a spoonful of small stones. After innumerable visits to the toilet I had achieved quite a good haul of stones.
    On the third day at 8.00am I had my first solid bowel movement which included a medium sized 1.5cm stone which was hard and whitish in colour and plenty of gunge (a mixture of chaff, gravel and small stones). Also plenty of red debris that looks like rolled up tomato skins, but I hadn’t eaten tomatoes for weeks. The faeces were still grey and clay like, which was rather worrying, my eyes are stinging but I feel rather tired. On a more positive note my stomach is no longer swollen and the indigestion and reflux has disappeared. By the forth day things are back to normal with a regular bowel movement etc and only a very slight irritable digestive system.

    What came out?
    9 stones bigger than 1 cm
    25 stones pea sized
    1.5 tablespoon of small stones and chaff
    Some grey sludge (3 tablespoons - possibly more)

    Directly after the 10th flush as my digestive system regular again I became very tire and to sleep much more than usual. I refection this is probably normal following the ordeal but it could be caused by the toxins released back into my system. I have also observed form the curezone liver flush forum that many flushers feel great directly after the flush and then their mood swings down after a couple of days so I am assuming that its part of the process. My brain-fog was also particularly bad at this time and I had pains in my muscles and joints.

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    • Thanks   by  seunim     15 y     2,538
      Wow! Thanks for posting all your results in one place. I, like so many others, have followed your flushes the last couple of years. Again, many thanks.

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    • Re: Flushes 1 to 10   by  Hidden Username     8 y     1,433
      Thank you for this detailed account of your story! If you have a minute, I hope you don't mind answering a question.

      You flushed very often here, like once a week or more it seems. Do you feel this is ok for someone with CFS? I really need to keep flushing but get so tired. I will try your rehydration ideas, which I think could be very helpful.

      I really want to get this liver flushing ordeal behind me...thanks again for writing all of this up, it is very very helpful.
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