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    Telmanís Maintenance Programme

    I carried out my last routine flush, number 38, on the 5 Dec 2006. I completed my first maintenance flush (flush 39) in the first week on January 2007 and the second (flush 40) at the Spring Equinox, March 21 2007. Both produced some chaff but no stones.

    I have kept up my activities at the local gymnasium where they run a special session for people with a medical requirement who will benefit from regular exercise and specially trained staff is available on hand to help out. Itís mainly set-up for folk with heart and strokes but I got on the programme in the early days for my Fibromyalgia and I am part of the furniture now. I do a cardiovascular, weights and stretch work-out twice a week.

    I eat nourishing food grown in my own allotment (Garden) as much as possible including plenty of raw green leaves, radish, etc. I have lost about 5lbs of weight mainly because I am now more active and believe that I have reached an ideal weight for my build. I incorporate plenty of ginger, turmeric and other herbs in my meals. I have replaced my morning coffee with dandelion root coffee and my breakfast beverage with boldo leaf tea.

    Boldo contains boldine which stimulates the production of bile, the secretion from the gallbladder, as well as the secretion of gastric juices. It has weakly diuretic as well as narcotic properties, but also helps to stimulate the secretion of uric acid. It has some liver protective properties as well as anti-inflammatory action. Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women. The dried leaf is safe but the extracted oil is very powerful. Boldo herb is used internally to remedy liver disease, gallstones, infection of the urinary tract, rid the body of internal parasites (worms) and relieve the symptoms of rheumatism. This herb can be used to treat dyspepsia as well as mild spastic colon complaints and is considered to be a good general tonic.

    On Saturday 7th April had my first biliary twinge for some time, and again the following Saturday. For some unknown reason this repeated itself each weekend and the discomfort by the right rip cage grew to a dull pain and then I had more pain in my right shoulder and between my shoulder blades.

    Then on Sunday 13 May 2007 I had a full-on biliary attack accompanied with hives. This was after eating eggs for lunch. Eggs have caused this to happen in the bad old days before I started to flush but so has other foods like a single chocolate button, or even cauliflower cheese.

    I decided to consult with my doctor. Heís dead against gallbladder operation and tries to work things out from another perspective. I think he is a fellow Chronic Pain sufferer and has taken time to read up about the connections between pain, stress, medication and organ dysfunction. I had the usual liver function blood test were elevated indicating that it was probably a gallstone or sludge. I was also scheduled for an ultrasound.

    On the 20th June I did a standard Hulda Clark liver flush (flush 41) fortified with ginger juice, and ground dandelion and turmeric. This flush was unpleasant because I couldnít sleep; I kept getting acid reflux and nausea. The next morning I expelled a single white 1cm floating stone that looked like a piece of chewing gum. (No, I donít chew gum) There was an immediate reduction in my pain and my stools immediately changed from light oak to dark brown mahogany coloured.

    Although the pain went from my right shoulder and from between my shoulder blades I was left with a knowing pain in the Ďví of my chest and both right and left rib cage. I also had some indigestion, fell very full when I ate and was bloating. A follow up blood test showed that lifer function was back within the Ďnormalí limits. The ultra-sound showed that there were only a modest amount of sludge in the gallbladder and there were no signs of any gallstones. The last time I had an ultrasound there was so much sludge that that it was a waste of time trying to see anything. All interesting information but very inconclusive.

    The pain in the Ďví of my chest continued and I started to do self massage on the stomach and ileocecal valve. I would press the appendix area quite hard and it would make my chest hurt. I would press it hard for 30 seconds and let go while moving my finger it small circles and I would feel better. After 3 days as was feeling good, full of energy, pain free and sleeping well.

    On the 3rd July I did a follow up flush without any side effects and no stones. The journey continues!

    I believe that a reluctant gallstone which escaped the liver cleansing regime was blocking the flow of bile and for some reason this was a problem on Saturday because I went to the gym on Friday; the day before. The lack of bile was causing secondary problems such a biliary reflux which is also known to affect the ileocecal valve. The flush cleared the stone but left the other problem which was finally sorted out by a simple massage; resetting the ileacecal valve also resets the oesophageal sphinter.

    The other possibility is that I may have a Hiatal hernia; the jury is still out on this one. They are notoriously difficult to diagnose and there is very little effective treatment available. Exercising at the gymnasium may have irritated the hernia causing the problems on the following day. I shall change my exercise regime over the summer from weights to stretch and yoga. Nevertheless, I am following a self help treatment regime of thrice daily massage and exercise. At the moment I feel just great, fantastic and I feel that I have taken another step on the curezone ladder of life.

    It has been two weeks since I flushed and it has been the best two weeks of my life for some years. I continued applying self massage to my ileocecal valve and stomach for several days. The uncomfortable feelings of feeling full and the indigestion disappeared so I have abandoned my neurotic fears of Hiatal hernia. Now I feel fantastic with so much energy that Iím active throughout the whole day. I am bright and alert and feel emotionally strong. I sleep so much better and my head is clearer, so much so that I can remember things that have remained dormant for years.

    My stools are a dark mahogany brown every day which I think is a good indicator of inner health.

    I must assume that the last flush cleared away a stone or congestion that was responsible for poisoning my body with its toxic products. The after effects of indigestion must have been a reaction to the unrestricted flow of bile and enzymes that were now flooding into the digestive tract. It took a few days for a balance to be restored.

    That was my forty first flush. Whoíd of thought that the first nervous flush that I first attempted 2 years ago would lead to me regaining control of my life again and being so much better. I estimate that I am now 90% cured and still have my gallbladder.

    A special thanks to Hanna for holding my hand in those early days and keeping me going when things got tough. I guess life begins at forty one (flushes) for me.

    Maintenance, flush 42, 1st August 2007. In a change to my usual routine I took a 8 ounce potion of equal parts lemon and olive oil in the morning at 8.00 am. It was going to be earlier but I slept in. There was no preparation or Epsom salts. I laid down for 30 minutes and then carried on my normal daily routine. Well, I had a very soft stool that evening and then 36 hours later a stool comprising of small (3 to 4 mm)stones compressed together.

    Maintenance, flush 43, 4th September. After re-reading through my research I decided it is best to follow the protocol and timing advocated by Hulda Clark. So I undertook a regular HC liver flush on 4th September comprising 7 fluid ounces each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger root juice and 1 teaspoon of ground culinary turmeric. Expelled a few small green stones as expected.

    Maintenance, flush 44, 2nd October 2007. I had a twinge in my gallbladder last Friday and immediately thought to myself that a major attack was on its way but by the following day everything was back to normal. I thought back and remembered that I had eggs on Thursday and they have tended to be linked to attacks in the past. Very encouraging to know that the attacks, now, have been demoted to mere discomfort. Anyway, I flushed as planned close to the first day of the month using a standard Hulda Clarke protocol. Very straight forward and expelled just 5 small green, quite hard, stones. Hardly worth mentioning. It's five month now since my biliary attack and I've been free eat to eat what I want in that time.

    Maintenance - flush 45, 5th December 2007. I didnít feel like I needed to liver but my plan was to carry out one around the beginning of December. I followed Hulda Clarkeís protocol to letter albeit 1 hour later than her timings. Slept very well and wasnít surprised to see that the next morning there was nothing to except for four in number dark green floaters around 5mm diameter. I was very surprised that in the afternoon a 1 cm white floating gallstone revealed itself. The evidence would indicate that although my gallbladder function is good and the liver clean old stones hand on to the inside surface of the gallbladder and take time to let go; they are not free floating. The problem now is that I have chill and I canít keep warm. The blood has gone from my legs and arms and is concentrated inside my body. No matter what I do I just canít keep warm even when Iím almost on top of the fire or in bed. This feeling reminds me of the pneumonia that I suffered all those years ago in 1984 that almost took my life and I even have the strangest dreams about the same period. Itís the week before Christmas and on Tuesday 18th I went to the gymnasium to partake of my physiotherapy workout and just about made it home. Within a hour of returning to I went down with the most horrible influenza involving complete loss of appetite, almighty headaches and bodily pain. It lasted a complete week and just cleared up in time for me to enjoy my Christmas dinner. Another week later I feel very strong and the chill has gone. Despite the days being cold with frost on the ground I am contented to work outside in the garden. It is stated in books about detoxification that retracing occurs. Basically one traceís back to event that caused the liver congestion and at that point the body fights the mother of battles. Wow!

    The start of the influenza was also my chosen day to start a Humaworm 30 day parasite-cleanse. I guess it is going to work quite well on an empty stomach. I have decided to do the two year follow up parasite cleanse to satisfy my mind and leave no stone unturned. I have purchased 3600 mg of Coenzyme Q-10 to complete parasite cleanse. I completed the Humaworm parasite cleanse on 16 Jan 2008 and took the Q-10 Enzyme on the 17th January 2008. The Humaworm caused me some indigestion and irritated my stomach and I had two uncomfortable days with right ribcage low level pain. I consider this has been duodenitis; an inflammation of the duodenum that upset the functioning of the Sphincter of Oddi. The Q-10 was easy to take because they were in the form of a sweet lozenge which could be chewed in the moth until they dissolved completely. I had no side effects with the q-10 but two days later I had the duodenitis again and I think this is a sign to stop cleaning and take a long earned rest after a liver flush just in case any parasites need removing.

    Maintenance Flush Ė 46. I completed the parasite cleansed with a flush 4 days later on 22 January 2008 coincidently on the day of the full moon; I guess one canít get everything right. According to many of the gurus during a full moon the body tends to hold on to fluids on the day of the full moon and a new moon is the best time to cleanse. Use the standard Hulda Clarke protocol less the 4th Epsom salts, using 6 fluid ounces each of olive oil and lemon juice. There was one small 5 mm green stone expelled the next day and a little chaff but nothing which would indicate parasitic activity.

    The combination of parasite cleaning and liver flushing has certainly stirred the mix and I am suffering from discomfort each day. It appears to follow exercise and I noticed it most intensely after running 5 miles for the first time in my life. However it is also present when I donít exercise so the cause is bewildering. It starts mid afternoon about 3.00 pm and becomes most intense following my evening meal after which time is wanes away. It isnít like the gallbladder pain; it is more gnawing and dull. It starts in the middle of my abdomen between my rib cage and navel, moves to the right rib line, to the back around the kidneys to below the shoulder blades. My right shoulder is also stiff and my right arm aches. It is not eased by anti acid medication or Epsom salts. It would appear to fit the pain profile of pancreatitis and/or gallbladder infection. Quite possibly the parasite cleaning has done its job and they are rotting in my gallbladder; strange thought go through ones head at times.

    Itís the 7th February 2008 and the discomfort has continued more or less on a daily basis but the less food I eat the better I feel. My bowel movements have also been extremely irregular, almost fully constipated and thin ribbon like on occasions and varying in colour from quite orange to very dark. This appears to be quite a critical period in my healing but despite the various problems I feel very good, fit and strong. Itís time for my follow up Enzyme Q-10 which I shall take tonight; 3.6 grams.

    The Enzyme Q-10 went fine and there was nothing to report except a little tiredness and a slight feeling of being spaced out.

    Well thatís the parasite cleaning out the way and after some considered research about abdominal pain I am changing my mind about continued biliary pain and I now think that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Yes I am convinced that I started with biliary colic because the pain was so excruciatingly bad but now I have an uncomfortable grumbling pain. Although I immediately think gallbladder I need to take stock and look at the other options. I find it very difficult to except the concept that my bowel may be compromised because I have been very careful with my diet. However, the liver and parasite cleanses have been very successful so why shouldnít the bowel cleansing and have the cleaning frenzy over the last few weeks been responsible. I started taking PB shakes on the 8th Feb 2008, the day after the Enzyme Q-10. I found it very difficult to mix the Psyllium Husk power into a smooth paste but it is a skill I will have to learn. What I saw the next morning was a shock. Now I donít like to talk stools but I think itís important to share experiences. My stools were like a chain of discs connected by a sinuous thread. On day three I had a mixture of bulky stool and a string of black beads connected by a glutinous material which I assume is the Psyllium Husk. This looks similar to the pictures of mucoid plaque I have seen on the curezone internet site although mine are much shorter, and more solid looking. It looks like the Psyllium Husks gloop that you mix up with the water remover that is moulded to shape of the intestines. More importantly, Iíve had a discomfort free few days so my diagnosis in on the right tract.

    I completed the bowel P&B cleanup on the 21 February taken 3 or 4 shakes a day. I didnít see very much change in my bowel movements or observe anything peculiar. All I can say is that the Psyllium Husk sticks everything together and the chains of poop continued throughout the 2 week cleaning period and it certainly isnít mucoid plaque. The pain has gone and thatís the main thing although I do think it would have disappeared anyway given a little rest rather than continue cleansing.

    Time to take stock and review my overall progress. I am very contented with that my gallbladder pain has gone, my liver area no longer feels tight and uncomfortable, my blood works are normal, I have lost most of my belly fat and my cholesterol is balance. I have learnt that too much cleansing can lead to an IBS condition and this substantiates the warnings to go slowly and leave plenty of time between cleanses. My Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue doesnít rule my life anymore; it is still there but the symptoms are not mask by a decade of drug toxins. I feel in control and can judge very accurately how to expend my energy. I can exercise with a five mile run which would have been unachievable in the past. My right shoulder that has been so awkward with the gallbladder pain has regained almost all of its flexibility. I walk around with shoulder back and level full of confidence. My mind is clearer because the fog has cleared but I need to make up for lost time and rediscover risk taking once again. I sleep well and if I donít for some reason then I donít worry about it.

    At the moment, 26th Feb 2008, I donít desire to do anymore cleansing; I just want to maintain the health gains that I have made and keep fit and active.

    Maintenance Flush Ė 47, 4 August 2008. Iíve been starting to live the life of someone that feels their have a future. I been extra busy with my allotment growing fresh vegetables and even had time to start painting the house: not bad for someone who was once so very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia? But then I started to get a few of the signs that my biliary system was playing up. Not the acute excruciating pain of two years ago but a grinding sort of pain. I think that it is also important to add that I have been gluten and lactic free for 6 weeks; not that I have noticed any difference except for a small loss in weight of about 3 lbs and that I am feeling much hungrier. The loss in weight may be responsible for a temporary increase in sludge.

    Nothing for it, itís been 6 month since my last maintenance flush so I did once again for the 47th time. As I lay in bed and exactly 18 minutes after consuming to potion I felt that tweak of a pain as I believe my gallbladder gave birth to a stone. I was not disappointed because the next apart some 10mm soft green sludge there was a large 25 mm dark green rancid piece of sludge that had been waiting who knows had long to be dislodge and disgorged.

    Perhaps it had been attached to the gallbladder wall for all time I had been flushing it was certainly almost crystallised with small black specks inside. Itís been such a long time since Iíve had a productive flush and as wee know an old stone has the ability to spawn a whole new generation biliary sludge. Obviously at the present time 6 month is too long between maintenance flushes for me so I have decided to adopt a quarterly programme. I know from my last ultra-sound that I still had so sludge albeit considerably less than before and I conclude that getting rid of the last remnants of sludge after years of medication is like trying to shake the last coin out of a piggy bank. In all one 25mm and one 10mm dark green stone and about twelve 10 mm soft light green immature stones.

    The stones are illustrated below, but unfortunately the large 25mm stone was destroyed as I dissected it. However the smaller dark green stone is shown.

    Maintenance Flush Ė 48, 2 September 2008. This is a routine maintenance flush to follow up after elimination a stone last time. Nothing to report except for the usual mushy peas: bile stones.

    Maintenance Flush Ė 49, 14 October 2008. Yet again I have had return of abdominal pain but it isn't biliary pain and it occurs 2 to 3 hours after eating. I think it is to do with my colon and it has started after I have returned to eating bread and wheat product so I must assume that either wheat or gluten or carbohydrate is an important factor but I am not jumping to conclusions just yet. I will flush tonight and then formulate or modify my plan because I think I am very close to getting a cure. After all, the pains I get get now are annoying: they use to be debilitating, so I don't want to forget the progress that I have made so far. This recent bout of discomfort started when I ate an egg for breakfast with a slice of wholemeal bread. It appears to be cyclic and I now need to break that cycle once and for all. The only reason I am flushing even though I believe it may be my colon is because so far it is the only therapy that that is so immediately effective. The flush results revealed no stones which is what I expected so I now know that I need to look elsewhere in order to solve this annoying problem.

    Maintenance Flush Ė 50, 24 March 2009. It is time for the quarterly liver-flush and it went routinely but did show a little evidence of some sludge starting to build up.

    Maintenance Flush -51, 23 June 2009. I had noticed the abdominal pain starting to build again. Not intense but an annoying low level grinding discomfort but without any bloating. I noticed that it nearly always follows exercising at the gymnasium and the following day I have what feels like cramp in the stomach area and discomfort on the right hand side below the rib cage. Finally last Saturday the discomfort was very intense and I started to regurgitate some food. I had had ratatouille (a mixture of tomatoes, aubergine and onion) and fresh gooseberries from the garden for lunch; then three hours later, and always appears to be three to four hours later the discomfort started. After drinking some tea some 5 hours later I felt the involuntary action to regurgitate which consisted almost entirely of undigested onion: the rest of meal having left the stomach. This is quite obviously what is called gastroparesis, except that this condition is chronic rather than intermittent. I only appear to get it following exercise (but not exclusively) and when I eat at midday (but again not exclusively).

    The flush was very pleasant and I went o sleep straight away sleeping the whole night with lovely dreams and finally waking 9 and half hours later. There was just one small piece of sludge visible the next day but the biliary no longer appears to be the problem. SO WHAT IS IT?

    Over the Summer months all signs of any pain have disappeared and I've enjoyed 3 month of pure heaven but for no apparent reason I am started to get "those feelings" again in my abdomen so its time to flush.

    Maintenance Flush 52 - 22 September 2009. Carried out a straight forward Hulda Clarke liver-flush. Apart form a tiny amount of sand material there wasn't any stones or anything else to cause concern. However, it did result in some major digestive changes and abdominal pain which lasted for two weeks before things settled down. This was exactly the type of pain that I was getting so I am sure now that when I get these pains there are in the digestive system and my biliary system is clean. In my self conscience I believe that part of the problem is sitting too long at the computer because when I am active in the summer I don't have a problem. When Autumn (Fall) arrives and I start spending more time inside at the computer desk I start to get a few problems. We'll see, but I notice from reading the forum that I am not alone, and there is a condition that people share which causes abdominal cramp like pains that isn't biliary or straight forward IBS.

    9 February I am contented that I don't suffer from an IBS condition because it almost exclusively affects the lower abdomen; below the navel. The pains that affect the upper abdomen can be divided into two main groups, as follows:
    a. Biliary related
    b. Muscular/skeletal

    Apart from biliary pain which I know but hasn't returned since I started liver-flushing there are three common biliary condition that can cause pain in the upper abdomen, but none of these are a close match the condition which involves slow stomach emptying when eating a complex meal and not allowing 4 hours between meals and related to physical exercise particularly lifting. This is easily corrected by being disciplined in the timing of meals. Another cause of upper abdominal pain is related to the condition of the muscles and skeleton, particularly the spine. The Fibromyalgia that I suffer has this component and I must satisfy myself that this may be the culprit. But wait, it may be an epigastric hernia.

    Maintenance Flush -53, 16 June 2011. I had suffered from some persistent pain around the rib margins, mainly in the centre region between the breast bone and navel but favouring the right side. It was bad enough to consult with my doctor who thought it was a hernia but the problem persisted even though I was being extra careful. As a precaution I undertook a Hulda Clarke liver-flush which was very routine and not a sign of a stone and no changes to my condition. I am now convinced that it is all muscular and part of my fibromyalgia profile although I am going to try and convince my doctor to investigate further.
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