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by jiminy

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  • Morning, Day 3   by  jiminy     16 y     2,784       3 Messages Shown       Blog: the small but graphic cleanse blog
    Last night I stayed in and watched a movie on TV -- lots of urges to snack! I usually eat (a lot) when I'm alone watching TV, so it was strange to sit with a cup of tea. Pleasant, though. I had a cup of Everyday Detox tea, an herbal tea that has schizandra berries and dandelion. It's without calories and is supposed to be good for the liver. It's been surprisingly cool in the Northeast U.S. (where I am), so the teas are very warming and fun.

    This morning's flush was the easiest so far: I woke up very early (oy) and had 1/2 qt hot water with 2tsp sea salt. I've been craving salt anyway, so it was easy to play soup and drink that down. Then I had 1/2 qt water cold. Everything passed through quickly, no drama. I had a reddish, bad-smelling result -- could it be the cayenne? I do use a lot. Anyway, I ultimately fell back asleep and had a good nap.

    This week I'm planning to clean out my apartment -- I'm getting ready to move, although I haven't actually found a new home yet. But my current place is just awful; I've needed a change for a long time. So I may as well begin by throwing out old stuff that I hate and getting ready for the next step.

    Not much else to report, physically -- when I started this blog, I thought my cleanse would be a kaleidoscope of freaky fluids and bodily outrage. It's just not. But the mental work of changing my habits and staying aware is much more challenging than I expected.
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    • challenges   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,754
      Yes, the emotional challenges are often
      more poignant than the physical ones.
      Like you have expressed in your blog,
      food for many of us, is like a best

      Getting in touch with that awareness
      however does afford us a way to calm
      ourself without food. Cleansing has been
      very healing in that way and so now I
      try to only eat when really hungry or
      for a special occasion when friends
      are together. More often, I turn to
      other coping skills as a first option.
      Water or tea also being one of my
      favorite ways to gauge if I am really
      hungry or perhaps just thirsty.

      I have to say, I admire your Grandma's
      spunk. She is lucky to have supportive
      family though and I hope she continues
      to do well in the independent living
      situation for a long time.

      I wish you much success on your healing
      adventure, and your life adventure.
      It sounds like you are getting rid of
      much unneeded stuff in your life~!

      Best wishes,

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      • Re: challenges   by  jiminy     16 y     1,696
        thanks for the encouragement, Zoebess! I was actually just reading the latest installment of your cleanse blog; I find it very inspiring. And yes, my grandmother does have spunk -- she's very funny and accepting about her condition. She says every evening, the dinner she ordered comes as a pleasant surprise.

        Good luck on your cleanse -- and thanks for sharing your tips and perspective.
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