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  • Day 3   by  bootzey     14 y     2,717       4 Messages Shown       Blog: My Cycle
    Today I was excessively tired. My car is not working properly. I went to church this morning on mass transit. Where, I was fine gettng there, I was sleepy all through the service. I was dead asleep for almost the entire trip back. The bright side is made my commute seem quicker. I sat on the sofa when I got home and was out cold for most of the day. I even missed my beloved football. I'm still tired now. I've been sleeping so much my body feels like it's locking up.

    All that sleping should have made me hungery. I'm not. I am less thirsty than I have been, but still a little so. I have only eaten cookies from church today. I tried to do a little excercise, but my form was all off.

    The pit of my stomach hurts. Not to the touch or from being sick to my stomach. Just deep down in my abdomen is some light soreness.

    My mood is still a litlle off. Someone offered me a ride home and I was dead set against it. For the life of me I can't see why I would refuse a ride home. It takes 20 minutes to drive and 2 hours to take transit (I have to switch a lot). I don't make sense yet. I have been worrying about a lot of things I ahaven't thought about in awhile. I guess I'm not out of the woods yet.

    I did notice my scalp is less itchy. My skin is still dry even with lotion. I have de-bloated considerably. I can fit back into my regular clothes.

    My temp is 97.5.

    My flow has gotten markedly lighter. I'm down to the thin pads and nothing came out at all last night. Cool.

    Early is not so bad.
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    • mercury   by  AHarleyGyrl     14 y     1,708
      do you have mercury amalgam fillings? i was reading your symptoms and just wondered.
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      • Re: mercury   by  bootzey     14 y     1,766
        Yes. About 4. THe whole mercury thing is a sensetive subject with me. I'm a dentist. For years I have been monitoring the whole mercury controversy, and I have yet to see any real scientific evidence that amalgam fillings are as dangerous as people say they are. Additionally, the alternative restorations are not as reliable as good old fashioned amalgams. They leak, stain and need to be replaced more frequently due to recurrant decay.

        If my patients say they rather have resin composites, of course I'll do it. But removing amalgam fillings releases a significantly more mercury vapor than leaving them in place, which is then inhaled and absorbed by the tissues of not only the patient, but me and my staff.

        In my professional opinion, large areas of decay do better with amalgam fillings than composites.
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        • Re: mercury   by  AHarleyGyrl     14 y     1,865

          This is just for your own info;  Take it or leave it, just trying to help.

          Being sick to your stomach and the low body temp are two major symptoms.  I was poisoned 33 yrs.  As soon as I got the mercury out, those two (and many more) went away (see my story below). 

          Actually, mercury fillings oxidize over time from the electrolytes and oxygen in your mouth.  They pit, many times underneath the fillings causing decay.  It occurs in 8 years or sooner.

          Quicksilver will dissolve in strong acid; it will oxidize in open air, in contact with fetid water, in the mouth when exposed to acids and vitiated secretions, and when swallowed with them is absorbed by the stomach, and its effects poisonous. The quantity of this oxide taken into the stomach in one week or a month will be comparatively small, but when swallowed, as it is for years, will certainly produce the poisonous effects of mercury, and in nearly the same order as heretofore enumerated. The mercurial effect of this oxide is not as rapidly and extensively developed in persons of bilious phlegmatic temperaments as in persons of nervous sanguine temperaments, who are by heredity predisposed to glandular and bronchial diseases.

          Ward Eccles, a Livermore dentist who has been mercury free for 17 years, says in his opinion your best bet is fillings made of "composite," a plastic material that's been around for 25 years. "Composite wears equal to or better than mercury amalgam, it bonds better, it looks like a tooth." The rap on composite, he says, was that it wasn't strong enough to be used to fill teeth in the back of your mouth, where the pressure of chewing is greatest.

          DiamondCrown White Composite Fillings & DiamondBond and DiamondLink:

          Here is how much mercury fillings release mercury into your system:

          Smoking teeth video by David Kennedy, DDS: 

          Is it mercury:

          Quecksilber the strange story of dental amalgam:

          Boyd Haley, Scientist on Mercury Amalgam:

          Higher incidence of thermal sensitivity – Metal is a good conductor of cold and heat to the nerve of the tooth. Dr. Jeff Bonang:

          Tooth preparation for amalgam fillings, involves removing extra tooth structure so as to prevent  further decay. A patient with a small cavity in the central groove of a tooth would have all the grooves removed from the surface of the tooth to facilitate placement of the amalgam filling and prevention of further tooth decay. This significantly weakens the tooth. Amalgam also expands over time and can cause an internal pressure resulting in the fracture of the walls of the tooth.

          Resin or “white fillings” are superior in many respects to amalgam fillings. These fillings are bonded to the tooth and do provide some added strength to the tooth as compared to the same tooth with an amalgam filling. Less tooth structure is removed when a resin filling is placed. A small cavity in the central groove of a molar can be removed and the other grooves can be sealed instead of drilling them away. The new generation resins show better wear than amalgam fillings in preliminary studies. The major advantage is that they do not contain mercury and they are cosmetically superior. The disadvantages of resin fillings are that there is polymer degradation resulting in release of formaldehyde over time and they are about 10% more expensive than amalgam.

          Amalgam fillings can lead to fractured teeth, a problem cited by many dentists. "While it may still be a safe material for use, its long-term use leads to cracked and broken and often devitalized teeth," said an Arizona dentist. "In my 30 years of practice, I have observed the failure of amalgam to adequately restore teeth; 99% of the time it is the source of fractured teeth," agreed a Kansas doctor.

          Many respondents mentioned that it had been five, ten, twenty, or even thirty years since they had placed an amalgam filling. "I stopped using amalgam in 1984. The 3M composites I placed then are still serving my patients today," said a Colorado dentist. "I haven't used it for over 12 years," commented a North Carolina doctor. "Even if it was a beautiful, tooth-colored material, it would still suck... big-time!"

          "Mercury is a toxin," wrote a Missouri dentist. "We all seem to be concerned about the welfare of the patient, but I worry about the long-term effect of exposure to mercury to dentists and staff. For the last ten years, I have been conducting a research study on this very topic. I have discovered that all dentists and staff who either place or remove mercury fillings have extremely high levels of mercury in their systems. Some of the offices, like mine, do not place mercury fillings; they only remove them." A Texas dentist agreed, saying, "I have high levels of mercury in my system based on testing with my doctor."

          Testing For Mercury Amalgam Poisoning:

 fillings should be cut into 4 pieces, not drilled out, as it is too toxic:

          These are the most important procedures to follow.  Find a dentist who follows it as close as possible:

          Rubber dam, high-powered vacuum, continuous water, oxygen nose tubes, air filters, ionizers, amalgam cut into four pieces (not drilled out), face cloth, IV conscious sedation for those who want it, vitamin C IV drip, measure amperage and polarity of amalgams and remove in order of the least path of resistance per quadrant (highest negative, lowest negative, highest positive, lowest positive), follow biocompatibility charts if supplied.

          A congresswoman where I used to live went and got 4 mercury fillings and it made half her face numb.  She had to go get them out.  There was a write up about it in the Statesman Journal, Salem, OR.  I have that article somewhere in my file cabinet, but not handy.

          But, our Congresswoman in Calif.  also had mercury poisoning from her fillings, which is why she fought for 10 years to get laws to warn people.

          Congresswoman Diane Watson Posts Major Blog- Beginning of the End of Mercury in Dentistry:

          Here is my story:

          My Blog:

          Specific symptoms of mercury poisoning:

          Symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning:


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