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Date:   3/30/2006 12:06:57 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Thank you so awfully much, Matthew. Don't think your rooting doesn't make a big difference, because it does. We need it.

It'd be great if you could join us, but we'll just have to prove ourselves first (and prove the cause!) - then you can jump in when you just can't help it. It's an interesting point you raise about our "fasting all the time" - I think it's essential that we not think of it as fasting, that's why it's great if Papillon wants to add some "liquidy" oil or fat and cover as much nutritional ground as feels good to her and supportive. It's just a state-of-mind thing, but I think if we think of it as fasting, that sets up a sort of psychological atmosphere where in 5 weeks or so, we're ready to call it quits.

What exactly are all the subtle and not-so-subtle adjustments we're going to have to make to think of this as not a fast, a rest, a hiatus, a vacatiion, a temporary period of cleansing or deprivation or whatever, roped off from the rest of our time as a "special time", and instead to think of this as a "fixture", a go-the-distance part of how we relate to being alive, over time and through thick and thin? I don't know! not yet. Logically, it shouldn't be any different from "being" vegan or raw, which you don't just do for a little while and then go back to other ways of "eating", but somehow it is, and I don't know if that's just a societally-condiioed mental thing, r ifthere is real physiological basis for needing solids after a while.

But I'll find out and you can watch and decide for yourself if it sounds tenable. That's why it's important to be honest about our experience. It's still a _very_ pioneer-y area, you can't be drawing imaginary maps of the terrain out of your head because other people need those maps for their own journey. You have to be honest about where the fire-pits and pot-holes and quicksand swamps and dragons are.

Doesn't that sound wonderful - feeling better ALL THE TIME? But you're right - there's a switch to make, and I'm sure it's as much a switch in te mind, etc. as a switch in the body.

How are you feeling? Multi-congratlations on Day 11 - I tried to look up messages you've posted, but can't access them, but I'll look more closely tomorrow, your Day 12. For every faster's own information is deeply valuable for us, too. Every faster's own experience is part of what we need to know about, to help warn and prepare us and to help inspire us and keep us going with reasons to do this and hopes and dreams for what it'll give us back!

Have a great night. Hoping to sleep as much as my liquidarian body needs to tomorrow morning! Weird how it's sort of about learning to love oneself and take care of oneself - we all tend to just throw ourselves food instead, counterfeit "care" and warmth and sustenance, so when you stop doing that, you're forced to give yourself _real_ love and caring. What a big thing that is.

I really appreciate your post - it makes it so much easier and more joyous. And your sentiments, too - we're doing this for _you_ now as well as ourselves.

Love, Loganberry

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