Go ahead LIBERALS act like chimps... by #50115 .....

Date:   4/1/2006 11:41:45 AM ( 17 y ago)
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...BRILLIANT. The thing that separates us from the chimps is logic and deduction and common sense. In this day and age of AIDS and other horrible diseases it's great that you have a guy like christopher that looks down on "conservative" activities like loyalty to your spouse, ha ha ha...such brilliance. The future of liberalism looks bright: you abort yourselves of baby liberals, and you want to sleep around like chimps in the AIDS era, and hey gay marraiges are your politician's main priority, oh dont forget NAMBLA...yup the future of liberalism is SO self destructive that the only chance you guys have is the continuing brainwashing of those that watch MTV, BET and other such brain dead channels...but then again that crowd is too lazy to vote thank GOD. Oh I discovered the missing link that has puzzled scientists for years: the missing link was a liberal, ha ha ha...

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