No problem WT... by Ready2Rapture .....

Date:   12/12/2006 6:09:06 AM ( 17 y ago)
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But I have to tell you, I'm very frustrated with CZ right now. I have no way to protect my blog from hostile, hateful people like this "brewspad", and so far no mod has replied to my request for assistance. So people who hate me can just walk in and trash the place, and I can't stop them.

I keep telling those people that CZ rules treat blogs like support forums, and they don't care. And nobody ever bans them for breaking the rules. The Alert buttons don't work and there's no way for me to edit anything but the main posts.

So I really hate to do this, but how can I stay here? Even though I never go out to other people's blogs to bash them, they come here uninvited and turn it into a debate forum.

Please, somebody give me a reason not to delete this whole blog!

(But, WT, you've been a ray of sunshine!)

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