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Date:   12/16/2006 12:23:56 PM ( 17 y ago)
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You guys are correct the whole & real reason is to celebrate least we forget the meaning of the birth of Jesus... 

Ya, we know that he was most likely born in the Spring of 02 BC, (BTW: notice how they have introduced this " Before Current Era "  crap; to try & cover up any reference to him) and many other not so correct things, BUT still the reason for Christmas is the remembrance of HIS Birth!!  They could have picked any other day, but it all comes back to the actual celebration... 

It is too bad that many people still only think of others at this time of year...  Most people are only interested in Getting something at Christmas time... I think that just a simple single reminder type gift would be more appropriate for exchanges in place of all the other multitude of stuff exchanged...  It many cases it borders on greed and attempting to give something in order to get an advantage or more favorable treatment from others... HUH!!

Lets learn the who, what and why of Christmas; if anyone out there in CZ land is confused let me know and we will talk...  Enjoy a blessed Christmas... Kermit


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