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Date:   12/16/2006 9:10:51 PM ( 16 y ago)
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Hi Ready2Rapture

It was printed on a wallet sized card I had kept since 1984. It was written by Dianne Frances Donenfeld of Bethany Farms, she has the copyrite and allows others to use it freely. It is shown on most websites as "author unknown".
The card was put away and I don't even remember packing it when I moved or why I kept it, because I was about as far from being a Christian as I could be. At the time, my life was centered around drinking and partying every day for years, and I am ashamed to say so now but I doubted there was a God and I did not believe everything in the Bible.
I saw the card again for the second time and I wanted to share it because it has so much meaning now.

I am fairly new at being a Christian. I was saved in october 2004 and was baptised by submersion in a lake near here in october this year.

I never liked and never wanted to go to church during my life, and if I did have to go to a church on occasion I could't wait for it to get over so I could get out of there thinking church was a waste of time.
That all changed when I least expected it. My life was changed suddenly in one night.
My wife bought two tickets to a Crabb Family concert for my birthday because she saw me turn on the TV one night and this guy Jason Crabb was singing a song and I told her I liked his voice. I just sit down and listened this guy singing a song.
I didn't know this concert was at a church and the concert was called a "Revival", I didn't know what a revival was or meant, but I went anyway and told her I was only going to listen to music and was not going to sit there and listen to any preaching, when the music is over I'm going straight home.
I never believed people when they talked about being touched by the Holy Spirit and always thought it was in their imagination or just a feel good moment and living in a fantasy world of their own creation in their mind.
All those thoughts and beliefs were changed that night when I was least expecting anything to happen other than listening to some music, especially to an unbeliever like me. But I am going to tell you right now. The Holy Spirit is very real and the most powerful force I have ever witnessed or felt in my entire life and it was much more than a feel good moment, He is very much alive and real, and would not let go of me, and I felt I had wasted so many years by not letting the Lord come into my life way before that night.
I was one of the most unworthy and doubtful people in the world, but The Holy Spirit chose that night to prove me wrong with a power that I just can not explain as much as I would like to.
That night I asked for and received forgiveness, and I now enjoy going to church and being part of the flock of Jesus.

I still do not know much of the Bible and I have much to learn. That is why I love visiting your website so much, it is food that helps me understand more about the Bible and what it means to be a Christian.



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