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Date:   1/9/2007 12:18:20 AM ( 16 y ago)
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It is so sad that you confuse rational arguments, logic and science as hate and venom. It is indicative how dangerous mindless orthodoxy truly is. In truth, you are part of the unthinking herd – even your religious texts use analogies that describe you as fish and cattle.

Worldwide, Christians outnumber all other religions, making up around 33% of the world’s population, around 22 Billion. In the USA they are also the majority at around 76-80%, 160 million. This was not achieved by winning converts by merit; it was through imperialist expansion, Roman Empire Constantine, British Empire, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and American. It is you who is following the crowd.

In the USA, those identifying as non-religious make up 13%, and atheists/agnostic account for 1%, So who is following the crowd? You are! Here is another tidbit you will hate; most studies of the highly educated and of scientist show a higher proportion of atheists. So the smarter you are the more likely it is that you will abandon primitive mystical beliefs, or does religion kill intellectual curiosity in its followers?

In a previous post I clearly showed that despite you claims to Christian values, you will spout hate, bile, and putrescent lies to anyone who disagrees with you. If you could only stop swallowing the lies of a few ancient texts and embrace reason and logic of the modern world; you’d free yourself from the shackles of religion.

Should I ever find myself responding in hate, I will stop myself from posting.

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