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Date:   5/29/2007 11:49:20 AM ( 15 y ago)
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I have stopped washing my hair all together, kind of. I have noticed that my hair looks and behaves crazy after washing. It seems thinner, fuzzier and more uncontrolable. I admit I was using regular shampoo and not exclusively conditioner.

One day I took my hair down from braids and didn't have the hours that it takes to manage Black hair. I just cleaned my scalp and twisted up my hair. My hair was shiny, and the twists were shewing length longer than I had ever seen it. The twists lasted nearly 3 weeks! And when I did the twist out, that was the best I'd ever had. The twists were all strong and unfuzzy. I noticed a reduction in the amount of hair lost and in the formation of those little balls that form on the end and break off. It looks like the texture and grade of my hair improved. It never smelled bad either. When I finally washed it, it went back to looking all weak and fragile. It reminded me back in 80's, a jherri curl looked horrible when 1st washed but beautiful a month down the road.

My new washing philospy. (1) Keep my scalp clean (2) Monitor my hair for build up up level (3) When the build up is unacceptable, conditioner wash. (4) Rinse on demand

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