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Date:   5/31/2007 9:10:24 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Neem oil comes fro the neem plant found in India. It may be purchased online or at most any heath food store. It has many amazing properties. It does not smell very good though. There are a few ways that I have used it.

The primary way I used Neem Oil to get the greatest impact.

1. I would massage it into my scalp. Use sparingly.

2 put a towel on my head.

3. leave the towel on my head all night.

4. Rinse out in the morning with diluted apple cider vinegar. I Cup of Apple Cider in
a one gallon jug of warm water.

* Our sense of smell does not occur after we are asleep so I would not have to smell the pungent odor. Roommates may not appreciate this so use this method at your own discretion.

A better alternative to using Neem oil and maintain bedroom etiquette.

Add other oils to the Neem oil.

Lavender and Orange Oil are two strong oils that will reduce the strength of the smell so others around you will not think you stepped on a stink bug.

1.Find another essential oil that has a strong pleasant smell that you like and put half of the other oil into a different container.

2. Add one drop of Neem oil at a time to one of the containers.

3. Shake well between each drop.

4. Add drops until the smell of Neem oil becomes too stong then begin adding one drop of your other oil back into your mixture until the smell is pleasant again.

5. Mix well between each drop.

When you find the right mixture then you have arrived. Try different combinations. I add a little hemp oil. Coconut oil is something I am also going to try. Massaging it in also helps. I am in a battle with time. There is pattern baldness in my family. I
noticed that my hair was thinning rapidly. I have had good result with Neem & Hemp oil and I am regaining hair. It does require diligence. Rinsing with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar also helps clean my hair.

The main thing though is to quit using commercial shampoos as they contain SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE!!! This terrible substance strips the hair of natural oils and make the hair weak and fragile. Look on the labels. It may not be a conspiracy but the commercial shampoo business is in the business of making our hair addicted to their products. They destroy our hair then build it back up again. They may put wonderful substances in their hair products but the Sodium Lauryl Suflate damages it. It creates hair that needs more and more help over time. Just breaking loose of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate will help stop the cycle. Massaging oil into the scalp will also help.
I hope these tips help you with your hair. They are working for me so far.


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