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Date:   6/11/2007 10:57:21 AM ( 16 y ago)
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Yes, the emotional challenges are often
more poignant than the physical ones.
Like you have expressed in your blog,
food for many of us, is like a best

Getting in touch with that awareness
however does afford us a way to calm
ourself without food. Cleansing has been
very healing in that way and so now I
try to only eat when really hungry or
for a special occasion when friends
are together. More often, I turn to
other coping skills as a first option.
Water or tea also being one of my
favorite ways to gauge if I am really
hungry or perhaps just thirsty.

I have to say, I admire your Grandma's
spunk. She is lucky to have supportive
family though and I hope she continues
to do well in the independent living
situation for a long time.

I wish you much success on your healing
adventure, and your life adventure.
It sounds like you are getting rid of
much unneeded stuff in your life~!

Best wishes,


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