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Date:   6/13/2007 1:30:59 PM ( 16 y ago)
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It was a good idea to get rid of the peanut butter if it's your trigger. It's mine too by the way. I like it plain out of the jar with a spoon. What helped me was thinking, I'm just not going to eat that today. It's just difficult to start saying NO to yourself when it comes to food. I hadn't done it done that in awhile and my mind rebelled against me, what do you mean, NO?! You'll get stronger on this with each passing day. I liked that you started your post at Day 3 instead of returning to Day 1 because of the peanut butter slip. It already shows you have the correct attitude. You're not going to give up and you can forgive yourself a mistake.
Here's a link written by Seunim. She has the most inspirational abstract posts:

- Kate

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