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Date:   1/11/2007 11:26:46 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I like that expression,..."2 by 4 counseling". I have always noticed how anxious many people are to 'offer' it to each other and that they consider themselves not only qualified but justified and even authorized by God. If the other person resists, the anxios hero will find a scripture or draw a conclusion from scripture in order to deny personal responsibility for wanting to impose shame and guilt and blame that person's misfortune on God. If somebody other than a Christian offers the 2 by 4 counseling, they'll blame it on the devil instead, if that doesn't work out well, they'll blame it on someone else (anything to displace responsibility so they don't have to accept responsibility for their own actions). Sometimes scripture reads like a play about humanity that God wrote to show why we need to know Him. I don't think God meant scripture to be analyzed like the secret messages on old radio shows with secret code rings, His message is not complicated, but only discerned by the heart. There was a secular movie called "The gods Must Be Crazy" where an aborigine was excited to find a bottle that fell from the sky (actually thrown from a passing plane) because the bottle was very strange and interesting (made music by blowing over the top). He took it home to the tribe who found it very useful (preparing food, curing snake skins, etc.), but then they started fighting over it because they don't know how to share. The aborigine came to the conclusion that the gods must be crazy because they sent only ONE bottle and IT caused everybody to fight (the aborigines had no word for ownership, they were like the believers in Acts 4:32, but when the bottle came, they all began to fight). The tribespeople decided to displace responsibility and blame the gods instead of themselves for their fighting (that wasn't the moral of the story, just my observation).

When I was ten years old, I made the decision to leave the Catholic church because it's hypocrisy mocked my love and devotion (my mother didn't let me leave until after eigth grade). I believed that I would probably be in hell by the end of the week (as I was taught) because that was justice for a "traitor to God" (still, a small price to pay for loving God, if justice be God's will, let justice be served). I would either endure hell forever or the devil would kick me out, but I said as Job did,..."though He slay me, yet shall I love Him". I'm still too hard-headed to "suffer", I simply endure. The Lord might teach me how to care about this life (until then, I don't know how to suffer, only endure).

Even when I was in the Catholic church, I noticed how we were supposed to become "useful idiots" (Hitler's big lie technique,...abolish common sense). Reasoning and logic were made obsolete by being told to believe things that didn't make sense (conditioning).

I enjoyed your Church article and will look up the Domination blog.
Thank you for everything you do.

God bless you, R2R.


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