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Date:   1/12/2007 5:50:27 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Your poem above left me speechless, but your response to this individual who has been infiltrating your blog against all rules has me in awe. You are absolutely right, we do not follow you, I personally hold no human being in so high a regard that I would follow them around, that honor is exclusively held for God. Never the less, it's amazing to see how well you have addressed these issues at hand.

Your "hutzpah" (to use a well-known Yiddish word) encourages me to say what I have held inside and swallowed for years. I too am disgusted and appalled at the pro-Nazi/anti-Christian refuse that is not only plastered across these e-pages, but encouraged and even Recommended. What makes my insides shrink with horror is that I know who the posters are behind the anonymous numbers, I don't need to make wild guesses, I can see it staring back at me from behind my screen. One of these individuals has been around almost as long as I have. It makes me want to scream that violent white supremacists and neo-nazis can come in here with perfect freedom to post their opinions, when it was decided decades ago that nazis didn't just "have an opinion" to share. If you were a nazi you had to be very clever to hide even in Argentina, but alas, here on Curezone they're protected. It's travesty of major proportions to read about Hitler's Christianity, when anyone sincere and careful enough to do a little simple research will quickly find that he was a first degree occultist. Would anyone care for any historical links?

I have endured countless unjust accusations on this site for years from those so rabid against my religion and beliefs, that they would see my nefarious hand stealthily controlling all the activities around here. Little do these ne'er-do-wells know, that if it were not for certain principles that were inculcated in my youth, I would have found much delight in blowing the whistle publicly and clearing my own name. But suffice to say that this "fundie" moderator is not the one who banned you unless you clearly violated CZ rules, and in all my Curezone history I don't ever remember banning more than one or two posters - for spamming. I have NEVER banned or hidden anyone for holding a different opinion from mine, nor do I intend to. But on this Nazi issue I can't stay silent, nor will I stay silent either while my brothers and sisters in the faith continue to get harrassed and blamed for whatever opportunistic politicians; pawns of the NWO, say to cement their positions. I don't hear anyone saying that Saddam Hussein represents every Muslim on the planet, what an outrage that would be! Oh, but just let some megalomaniac be photographed with a never opened Bible, and he is a spokesman for every professing Christian ever. Nice.

Thank you R2R, for allowing me the space to rant, but above all, for the decency to have posted your studies on a blog without intruding any forums. (not that you don't have EVERY right to)! My apologies for the fact that Curezone has not allowed you the same safety, proven by the fact that people can come in and debate you, in spite of the unenforced TOS. So, so deeply sorry about that.

May God continue to bless you, as you do whatever you have been called to do.

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