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Date:   2/7/2007 2:44:32 PM ( 15 y ago)
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::sniff sniff:: "I love you, man!" <:-)

I never seem to be driven to quit by unbelievers though. It's always the "cannibals", the fellow believers who turn on their own and want us all to be clones. They seem to think only they are allowed to bark orders and be "harsh", while counting even the slightest disagreement to them as "harsh". They do irreputable harm to our witness, as evidenced by the bizarre reaction of our resident hatemonger in siding with one Christian against another. That was the inevitable outcome of the original "Dr. Dino" post, and our reason for asking what possible good could ever come from it.

Hence my thinking "What good am I doing here? I no sooner bake a pie than the crows swoop down and smash it." It's like living in a mosquito-infested swamp in a tent with no screens. Very irritating!

But if God says Stay, I stay. Or as a preacher once said, "If God told me to stand on my head and gargle peanut butter, that's what I'd do."

I think I just need some chocolate.

Thanx again.

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