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Date:   7/31/2007 3:53:39 AM ( 14 y ago)
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So what is his point?  He writes a how to manual and has never molested a child?  Some how that does not add up.

If I remember correctly, the law does not allow you to write, publish books or manuals on how to make bombs and drugs, so why would they allow you to write a book, post a web site or anything on how to violate someone else's right to privacy and undue exposure and exploitation?  Also it is illegal to publish, view, post on the internet child p 0 r n o g r a p h y.  So why are his pictures different?  On some level he must be breaking some law.  You can't just go around taking people's or children's pictures and then post them without their permission on the web or anywhere.

If it is all true, the law has forgotten to write a few laws and put them into effect.  They'll have to move fast of the public will sue the government for not having a law in affect to protect children.

This is very interesting.  I'm going to look into the legal aspect of it even further.

I don't live far from Santa Monica.

Bye for now.



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