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Date:   8/19/2007 9:43:48 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I have a similar fasting history. 3 years ago I did a 21 day juice fast. then about 18 months ago I did a 40 day juice fast which was amazing. For about the past year I have attempted to do a long fast. Everytime failing at 1 to 6 days. I find by day 5 I start tasting things and then the flood gates open and the fast is over. Tomarrow I am starting a 10 day fast. I want to get over that 5 day hurdle I have been struggling with. Part of my problem is that after a few days into the fast I begin having passive feelings and give in to the slightest cravings and urges. Why do i sabbotoge myself! I am trying to keep my kitchen stocked with tons of produce that I love to juice and can have cravings for. I will have to continue to prepare dinner for my husband, but i will only make things that do not appeal to me. In between all of my recent fasting attempts any foods I may even slightly enjoy I have consumed. Sometimes while fasting I will buy a food I crave to save for when the fast is over. In the past I had the will power to resist, but now I cannot do that, I will eat it within a few hours, no doubt. I have to be super strict, it is the only way i have learned. I cannot have a taste of something. Sometimes I will just put food in my mouth chew it and spit it our, which is disgusting. I need to purely consume my homemade juice only. I can't break that rule. It just leads to bigger things. I really hope I can stick to 10 days. I know if I can I will feel amazing and my confidence and spirit will be lifted.

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