Re: Well, I am stuck in the 70s... by kerminator .....

Date:   8/21/2007 6:10:07 PM ( 14 y ago)
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You are most likely correct; Lady!!

   I at least have a few ponds to fish in and get to go Coon or Fox Hunting every now and then... HUH!! 

BTW: I did get out of the past just last year it seems...  now I am a going to write me a book; on what the rest of the world does not know...  Will not even mention much about Ole Dixie, but sure will have a lot of good info for folks to read about!!  Tell your folks to pick up a couple of copies when it comes out; ya hear...

Got to go get some good corn bread muffins...  To go with my Gun Power Green Tea...  Life sure has changed down here in Dixie; since all them " Yankees" moved down...   Why we are getting over $400,000  for a house that would not bring a quarter just ten years ago...  Them Rich Yankees sure don't mind spending money...  We are laughing all the way to the bank!!

Remember we got a date to do lunch when I get to town...  See Ya... Kermit 


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