Re: Oct. 25th: Starting a 14-Day Fast to Become Permanently Sober, Detoxed, and Free From Food Addiction by LoveFoodTooMuch .....

Date:   11/15/2007 9:43:03 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I would love to be able to join a support system. All I read hear - screams ME. I see I am not the only one struggling with self-medication with food. It is very hard for me to brake this nasty addiction. I stopped smoking, eliminated cofee and suger plus alchohol, but there is something deeper that is triggering my compulsivness. Oh, and I have suffered from depression for years, OCD....OMG. I am trying so hard to be healthy. Today is my second day(night) of fasting and I am so tempted. My husband cooked chicken and aslo he things I am crazy for fasting. But I am affraid that if I start eating, I will never stop until I pass out with the spoon in my mouth and face stafed with grease.

Thank's to anyone who can communicate and share /co-miserate with what I am going through. I am too ashamed to meet people in regular support groups...if you know what I mean.

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