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Date:   11/16/2007 6:47:29 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I have been a teacher in non=traditional settings for many years. I am currently a teacher for blind adults... almost half of them are Diabetic. I thought at first that I should go and cure the blindness of those who were my students... but I have come to believe that they have chosen this challenge...if they want a cure...then I wait for them to ask... and so far...none have asked.... I see that improper diet and obesity are very likely a contributing factor that led to the blindness for many of my students...but they don't pay me to be their doctor doctor or spiritual I teach my brand of life skills... and try to show loving kindness too... help to dispel the darkness in their lives... but if I could...if they came to me and asked me if there were a cure for Diabetes or blindness...I would tell them there are many cures for Diabetes and blindness.

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