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Date:   1/1/2008 11:06:23 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi For,

Happy New Year!

I am not sure about recipes due to not juicing. I think you may google 'juicing recipes' and that might help.

I do want to recommend something about you 'losing weight' though. I once had a teacher and when I said something about losing weight, she told me to rephrase my desire. When One loses something, they want it back, they search for its return. I would bet you do not want the weight to return to yourself, after your 30 days?!

Rephrase your statement to "My goal is to RELEASE 20 pounds". When you release weight and you step on the scale and notice it, then you say "I have released XXX pounds." To release something is not to bring it back.

Good luck on your fast! Mine begins today!


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