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Date:   2/13/2008 3:27:49 PM ( 15 y ago)
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You sent me an email, which I was so happy to receive. I am so excited that you are joining the fasting journey! This will be the answer to all that you are waiting for. So as you may remember, i've done a 30 day fast last year, then a 10 day fast and am now on day 22 of my 40 day fast. So I have gathered a tremoundous amount of information and material on fasting. Here are a few things that I have learnt:

1) Don't advertise your fast. You will only find that people around you are not supportive and most will blame fasting. You don't need that type of negative influence, so you're better seeking support here and on other similar sites (, go to bulletin board)
2)Read as much as you can about fasting and its benefit (books, forums, websites, mp3.etc) That will keep you motivated and will remind you of the incredible physical and mental advantages of fasting.
3) Avoid being around food and food gatherings. I never gave up my fast during food gatherings, but it was incredibly difficult and it often made me feel deprived.
4) Avoid TV, too many food commercials. Again, try to fill your time reading stuff about fasting.
5) Try to get a few minutes of sun everyday, along with a nap. You will feel recharged! I used to take my lunch break either in my car or anywhere where there was sun and would nap for a few minutes.

Now, about your worries:
1) Feeling sick: don't worry, when juice fasting, you will feel incredibly energized. Just make sure you always have some fruit juice with you. If you get a little tired, drinking a bit of juice will immediately re-energize you.

2)I take Oxypowder at night and only go to the bathroom in the morning. After that, no more. Don't worry, when juice fasting, you are not consuming any fiber, so the Oxypowder will only release the stuff that is trapped in your colon. That will be done progressively, so you won't be going to the bathroom non-stop!

3) You feel like you won't be able to keep the fast, but YOU WILL. It is just something you have to do and take it one day at a time. I usually aim for 3 days (which are the hardest by the way) and then my next goal is day 5. Then, after day 5, you just get used to the routine.

4) Acne medicine. Stop it. For one, it is not good to take any medication while fasting. Your body can cure pretty much anything on its own. I used to have pretty bad acne too. I was on Acutane. Fasting is THE best remidee for acne. Stop everything, drink a lot of carrot juice and watch your skin transform!

Hope this help, and don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Happy fasting!

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