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Date:   3/12/2008 12:26:05 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hey Lb,

are you doing salt water flushes? They seem to help with cravings somehow. Also, you have reached the point where your fast is going to become more emotional. It clears things from your past, as well as physically.

A great place to go would be read some of Zoebess' post on MC forum, when she did long MC. I know Pepe has done many also and am not sure if he ever posted about his 'deep cleansing' experiences. There is a post though on the MC (you do not need to be doing the MC to read these posts) that Pepe has about the cleansing process and what it looks like. Starting day 1-?, then day ?-? and the phases of it (sorry can't remember the days off the top of my head). It is very interesting though.

As for when you get to moments where you can 'eat anything...:D', find an activity to put your mind elsewhere OR sit with the feeling. Sit down, write or whatever works for you and ask what the feeling is. Ask yourself, what are going through in that moment that you 'believe' you need food? If you are quiet, you will hear, feel, sense, a response (it is different for everyone).

Good luck and be easy on yourself. You are doing a GREAT job!



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