Re: Liver Flush Reality Check by hailstorm76 .....

Date:   7/15/2008 1:10:28 AM ( 13 y ago)
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Thank you for sharing the pics. Mine today did not look like the big stone picture.
I actually squished with my fingers to see if they were hard mine were not but the ones at the bottom of the bowl might have been but they were all tiny.I had a very effective first cleans and questamate about 500 stones came out of me between 18 or so visits to the bathroom starting last night. Your bowl looked similar to mine. How many flushes have you done? I figure I'll do another in 2 weeks. The first time I attempted one I wasn't ready no colon kidney or parasite cleanse and I threw up. This time I was totally ready no discomfort besides the burn after going so many times. I wonder where all that water came. I certainly didn't drink enough to expel all the fluid. Any advice for the burning? Thanks, appreciate your experience.

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