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Date:   7/23/2008 6:53:42 AM ( 13 y ago)
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Although I have had a NDE and found there is a heaven beyond the veil, a real location, I still find that "being" is more important than "doing" but we fall into bodies to do both. If we ignore the one for the other then we may be tempted to fall again and make another body suffer for our choice,. We are our own judge and our harshest critic and while "doing" is not what makes it into heaven... each moment of love mixed with joy will be a gem that is added to who and what is God. God...a lesser God does have an ego though...and if the soul you occupy has any doubts about the bodies they have occupied... I could have done better if I had only... and that would enough for a soul to fall again into a burning sack of flesh(hell)... but WE don't have to fall over and over again... if we get the message of being joy and being love as opposed to doing good or ill... The best way to avoid the falling is to refuse to return to a body that dies... There will be ancestors that will try to tempt you into falling again but refuse anyway... In this way we will be (even if wrongly used by many Christians) "born again" into a higher nature of existence where sickness and disease are no more...and We will no longer have to learn our lessons through suffering and shame... Being loving and joyful does not mean being other's throw mat while we are here either... Standing up for justice is not a spiritual crime... We do have a mission on this earth that requires doing or we would not fall... If we get far away from the "doing" our bodies have contracted with all of the other souls who have also chosen to live in burning and dying bodies then we will suffer the consequences of not "doing" our purpose... but the soul beneath our bodies will never suffer... and still... this is what is so cruel about souls... they will keep coming back again and a again because they can not feel pain... like a leper... they keep injuring themselves(theri physical selves) and those around them... so by being loving and joyful... we do hold some responsibility to reduce the suffering of others if we are not going to be spiritual lepers. It is pure selfishness to be joyful and loving and not reach out one's physical hand to help those who are suffering and those who are oppressed... but when we die.... in a physical body... we should refuse to put another body through the suffering that comes from living in a body that dies... There are other realms to explore...and once We get over this dimension of time...other dimensions await us...beautiful, loving, and joyful realms beyond our wildest imagination... we can join these other realms by holding no regrets and not looking back... move on...

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