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Date:   8/15/2008 7:44:58 PM ( 13 y ago)
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Monsanto, maker of genetically engineered seed, is suing farmers in the U.S. under the pretense of protecting their patents. Help protect California farmers from harassment by sending an email to your California State Senator TODAY!

Send an instant email to the California Senate:

Farmers across the U.S. are being intimidated, harassed and sued by Monsanto in its quest to control corn and soy production by protecting the corporation's patents on genetically engineered seeds. California farmers would have a measure of protection from such attacks if the Senate passes and the governor signs a new bill to protect growers against similar harassment by biotech seed companies.

The Genetic Policy Alliance notes that AB541, which was passed by the State Assembly in January, is up for a vote in the Senate the week of August 11. Californians are urged to act today to urge their Senators to support this bill to protect farmers from corporate intimidation.

Send an instant email to the California Senate:


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