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Date:   9/30/2008 12:49:43 AM ( 14 y ago)
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I did have kidney problems a while back and urine therapy helped that. What I learned also helped was to not eat anything with sugar, including fruit juice or excessive fruits. I have to eat them in small portions. Complex carbohydrates do not seem to create kidney problems.

As far as the constipation, find a good home colonic system and use it. You probably have serious toxins compacted in your body. Just a bag with a long insertion tube wil do it. You can lay in the tub and open the valve to let water in, rub your stomach in a clockwise motion(the direction of your intestines). I would give it 3-4 months before the constipation goes away. If you have money, however, Sun Chlorella A tabs are awesome. I use them and love them.

I have never had a blood test done. I have had plenty of other tests done and the doctors never found anything except that I am prediabetic. After the last doctor told me "it was all in my head" and tried to send me to a psychiatrist, I stopped seeing doctors completely. I have no faith in them and I've healed myself.

Congratulations on your achievements so far. Keep it up and never give in. Promise yourself that you will do urine therapy every day for 1 year and you will be a whole lot better.



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