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Date:   11/26/2008 9:22:48 PM ( 14 y ago)
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This is what I do. I use TWO quarts of filtered water. I boil 1-2 cups. Dissolve in 4 tsp of sea salt (The cheap stuff works just as well as the expensive stuff - I use Trader Joe's) plus a half tsp of Epsom salts. Then pour all back together for my two quarts. Goes down better warm than cold, but I have never had a problem with taste. It's not that intense, at all, for me. I can get 1/2 down pretty quick, than the rest over 15 minutes or so.

Why 2 quarts? Well, sometimes 1 quart didn't go thru me. 2 always has. I precede any salt water drinking 2 cups to a quart of fresh water at least an hour ahead to insure hydration. It lessens the possibilty of salt water absorption.

I start having eliminations after about an hour, which can go on in short bursts, for a couple of hours.


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