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Date:   3/20/2009 11:00:48 PM ( 14 y ago)
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Thank you so much for following along with me. It really helps mentally knowing others are out there reading about your struggles and it holds me accountable too, I think. I hope you did well today. 40 days is a long time but just think, time is going to pass whether you're fasting or not so where will you be in 40 days, body wise? It helps me to try and rationalize like that because I've quit at times and then think about it on the day I had originally planned to quit and I always think "if I had just kept on look where I'd be!" You can do this- sometimes it's easier to say you'll quit when your body tells you so you don't feel let down. You sound strong- and let's put it in perspective- if you had a life threatening disease that called for this fast, you'd do it in a second but when it's just for ourselves, it's easier to give ourselves an out, you know? Good luck to you and I wish you the best!

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