Saturday and I'm still here by pplanko .....

Date:   10/10/2009 10:49:37 AM ( 14 y ago)
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Okay, it is Saturday, October 10 and I am still here, checking out the forums, reading, educating myself... yada, yada.
Today I am going to purge my kitchen of things that are not healthy to eat & I'm going shopping to stock my kitchen with wise choices.
My head still hurts from not having coffee.. I WILL get OVER IT! I still can't sleep at night. I was wiped out last night and actually went to bed at a normal hour, around 10ish. I was awake at 12:30 with the usual feelings of being hungry. *I'm sure the hunger is mostly emotional... but (pat on the back here) I did NOT give in. It was around 3:30 when I finally fell back asleep, but I kept thinking (as I wanted to eat or drink SOMETHING) ... my body needs to fast at night, I need to ALLOW my body to heal itself by not stressing it by putting food into it to digest.
I am thinking more and more about the time that I will actually do the water fast. I need to PLAN it out. Make sure it is a time that I am not having to go a ton of places so that I can rest and heal.
Just had a nice beet/carrot/celery/apple juice and I'm going to drink some green tea.
Later :)

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