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Date:   10/15/2009 9:14:25 AM ( 13 y ago)
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thank you, my friend, yes, i have seen this article.
it reminds me of other articles i have read in the past with the main item (in this case, baking soda)instead of aloe vera, garlic, vitamin E and all the other substances that were advertised as a 'miraculous cure' for a host of conditions at one time or another.
it is perfectly understandable that in a country with such a lame health care system that people would be compelled to seek alternative methods of healing, outside of the limited access they have should they actually have insurance of some kind.
i am waiting for more information regarding the patients this study spoke of, research and perhaps, if the truly scientific method is followed, there will be similar tests in an attempt to obtain the same results. then, it might be worth considering.
in the meantime, i will simply take the attitude that makes most sense to me; 'if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.'
thanks again!

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