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Date:   7/16/2010 5:07:57 AM ( 11 y ago)
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Hi there,
For an on behalf of Stephen Miller from SurePure: Please see below the response to your questions:

A market currently exists where premature babies at reputable neonatal clinics around the world are fed pasteurised breast milk as opposed to formulae, precisely because the benefits of breast milk over substitutes is recognized.

This milk is expressed by other mothers who have an excess of breast milk and this is currently collected at neonatal clinics, sent to breast-milk banks, pasteurised and frozen, and then supplied back to the neo-natal clinics. The milk has to be purified to ensure that no unwanted disease transmission occurs between different mothers and different babies.

As their mums have not yet come into milk this is a stop-gap to help ensure the infants maximize weight gain and immune-system development. As such helps saves neonatal lives and makes for happier, healthier babies.

Photopurification could help to purify the breast milk satisfactorily but also keep more of the goodness intact than is currently the case with heat-treatment. All bacteria will be inactivated, including the “friendly ones”, but a lot more of the health-giving enzymes may stay intact.

We think it’s a noble and worthwhile goal, and that’s why we donated the equipment to help the research.


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