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Date:   9/6/2010 10:37:50 AM ( 11 y ago)
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hi rudi,

Thanks very much for the information. It is very useful. i'm working on forming the habit right now. Without looking for it I have already noticed the effect it has on my respiration system. Normally, I need to take an ephedra capsule first thing in the morning (along w/two rose hips -- I fill my own capsule w/powder) to clear my sinuses/lungs for good breathing and I noticed the other day that I was clear well into late morning :) before I noticed any congestion. ACV is a less timely ritual, to say the least.

I wish I had not gotten out of the habit of taking ACV in the first place. I bought this great book about ACV in the early/mid 70s and began the ACV in water ritual. I noticed the benefits immediately and shared my findings w/others. Sometimes I feel as tho as soon as I share some good thing I've discovered w/others, it gets programmed outta me and I forget all about it until someone comes along and reminds me. It doesnt make sense to me that I wld stop something that is working so well for me and that I have absolutely no problem doing. ACV is one of those good habits I somehow "lost" along the way. Please say a prayer and wish me luck this time. As a primary school teacher, I have a lot of challenges to my immune system :)

I think your forum on NDE is very useful. Trying to make sense outta something like a NDE is a challenge. Your memory of yours is incredible to me. While I do feel that each of us experiences such an event thru our own language of symbols, so to speak, there are many similarities/patterns with others' experiences. I think a lot more of us experience such events without realizing/remembering them at all.

And much gratitude also to Rising Sun for helping to keep the benefits of ACV alive :)

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