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Seat of Wisdom, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Immaculate Heart...There are over 300 titles adopted by the Virgin Mary by her own appearances or conferred on her by the Catholic Church. Neither she nor the Church calls her "goddess." Tell the truth and shame the devil, as they say.

At Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 she appeared under the title, "Our Lady of the Rosary." These appearances were prophesied by St. John the Apostle in Apocalypse chapter 12. "A great sign ("miracle") appeared in the heavens, a woman clothed with the Sun..." In chapter 12, she is persecuted, her divine Child is persecuted, her other, spiritual children are persecuted. The Woman & Seed ("seed" being a collective term describing Jesus Christ and His adopted, ingrafted brothers and sisters) endure to victory in fulfilling Genesis 3:15, God's cursing of Lucifer and his spiritual seed with the Woman & Seed. Our mothers did not create us as goddesses. Blessed Mary is the Mother of God as Christ Incarnate, not the creator of God.

"Woman" is the title Christ used exclusively in referencing His mother, and is the basis for our word, "queen." The Virgin Mary is the Queen-Mother who, with her Seed, the King of Kings, God made Man, conquers death and cursing in upholding life and blessing. The Immaculate Conception was conceived without sin just as Adam and the Woman were created sinless. She stayed sinless as the Holy Spirit, with Whom she is united in marriage, can tolerate no sin!

God's Elect (not the "elite" who claim godhood) will be united in marital unity with divinity when Christ returns for His Bride, the Church. The Virgin Mary is not divine, not a goddess. The truth will set you free. PS, the Rainbow Man whose Head touches the Earth is, according to the Hopi Elders, Jesus Christ incarnate. Stick with the program and be a woman among, not above whom the Virgin Mary will, with her Seed, and His spiritual brothers and sisters, as mere mortals, vanquish the Fallen Angels and their minions.

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