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Neem oil is used in many centuries in india, When i was small kid my mother used to treat with neem oil for our cow and dogs for there wounds. further they spray neem oil arround them to avoid the insect attack. My father use neem oil spray for the plants to keep from from pest attack.

Now i am research scientist, i wounder there traditional knowledge. the neem oil controls almost 10 familes of the pests.

Is It Safe?

Well neem products are used in medication and consumed by humans. So any exposure to neem while treating your plants does not pose a treat. There are no restrictions put in place by the EPA.

I spoke to a few growers that have been using neem oil in their “pest control” program and they are delighted with it. Not just from the safety aspect… but the control. They have found the neem oil to be effective as a repellant – insecticide – miticide and fungicide. It also functions as an antifeedant which discourages insects feeding patterns.

Insects would rather die than eat plants treated with neem oil.

Extracts from neem have shown incredible success with not only battling fungus problems but also many forms of root rot.

Neem biodegrades in a matter of weeks when exposed to the sunlight.


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