This is, I suppose, off topic.... well referring to another blog-entry of yours by mu-shen .....

Date:   11/7/2011 7:56:07 AM ( 11 y ago)
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Wanted to personally thank you for the info you posted re Michael Mohoric´s free Distant Healing Sessions which I signed up for after reading you!

Felt the energy very subtly, almost right away... tho strangely enough on the actual night (our side of mother earth!) - well the day after, apart from feeling very lethargic (also a sign of de-tox, I´m told) was´nt overwhelmed with signs of healing. High expectations? Possibly! M.M. has said the energy works for days and weeks after and this would explain lots of "ups and downs"!
Did you also "go for it" on Friday?
THANKS for the info, blessings and SALUD!

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