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Date:   12/2/2011 1:31:59 AM ( 10 y ago)
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"...the reason you are here, old soul. Right now, especially now, the reason you are here is to hold light in dark places... The vibration of the planet is the issue. It can only be changed with a consciousness that is pure... It is in the BEING and not the DOING. It is being light, for as you walk around with illumination, you change that which is dark."

"'Kryon, I'm not a healer, nor an author. I'm not a channeller either. I just go to work, come home, do errands, make the beds, then go to work again. What kind of a life is this?' I'll tell you, dear one, it's a Match Bearer's life! Your lineage asked for you to come and for you to walk on the planet and strike the match, go to work, make the beds, do the errands, and come back home again. That's why you're here! I don't want you to diminish that for a moment, since everywhere you go there is more light because of you."

The Attributes of the Match Bearer


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