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Hi there. A couple of points that may help in assessing the work and teachings of Bruno Gröning:

1. In a statement he made himself (for reference; see Alfred Hosp; Der Geist bestimmt die Materie, 1998) in 1955 - that is 6 years after he was being widely recognized for the extraordinary healings that took place in connection with his presence - he stated that it was actually he himself who send out the wawes of healing. Later on, in the very last years of his life, when being persecuted in court by the authorities and while also being forbidden to speak in public, he rephrased this notion into that "I do not heal, but IT leads to healing".

2. He never asked to be adored, nor did he take money from anyone for the help he provided. Some of the people who were supposed to help him in providing contacts to doctors that were open for collaboration with him and also shield him somewhat from the enormous amount of people who wanted his help, actually did make money from these sick people. This was much to the chagrin of Bruno, who then had to severe his ties with these "helpers".

3. Bruno taught the way of Christ. He was born and raised as a Catholic, but did not attend church. He believed in and was fully aware of the spiritual world and collaborated with a number of spiritual beings, some of which are named in the books of Alfred Hosp. Reincarnation was a fact for him too.

4. Bruno is a spiritual friend, not a guru nor a saviour. He helps those who need and aks him for spiritual help and guides you too, that is if you ask for his guidance. His ability to heal is extraordinary as witnessed by the many success stories. The dispensation he has been given to break through the darkest and most dense matters in and around humans beings, animals, plants and the globe itself to provide healing, e.g., at the cellular and molecular level, is unmatched.

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