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Hi there. The cause of Bruno Gröning's death is not totally illuminated. It might also be of less interest for those who have received spiritual help and or healing from contact with Bruno's teachings. Nevertheless, I will shortly comment on the circumstances surrounding his death:

1. Prior to his death Bruno had for some time been forbidden to speak in public and also had been forbidden to "heal" anyone publicly too. The reason for this was that the authorities, including some doctors and clergymen, in the newly founded West Germany in general saw him as a threat to their way of doing things (my interpretation) and they used a law, that was instigated in 1939 under the Nazi rule, whereby they accused him of healing people without the right authorisation. Also, there had been a sad case of a person that died after one of Bruno's ill-advised helpers had claimed - without Bruno's consent - that Bruno could heal the person. Bruno had previously rejected to be able to heal this person as the person was in the terminal stage of a disease, and had instead instructed the family to bring this person to the doctor/hospital (in parenthesis; Bruno always advised people to follow their doctors orders). After the death, the family of the diseased took legal action against Bruno, which only added to the hostility by the authorities towards him.

2. Bruno himself said that the ban on giving public lectures and not being able to use his healing powers in the open in West-Germany, made him burn up inside from the healing power/fire, that he was a transformer of.

3. Bruno could have chosen to have moved permanently to say France, where no such ban existed. Instead he chose to remain for the most part in West-Germany, since his mission was to help the people of his own country primarily.

4. Prior to his death, Bruno underwent surgery. The Doctor reported that part of his internal organs, as I remember it primarily part of his stomach and/or the digestive system, was literally gone, that is, as if it had been burnt away. The later autopsy revealed mostly the same, but as I again remember it, the cause of death was put down as due to "stomach cancer", primarily owing to the unfamiliarity of the aforementioned 'burnt away tissue' observation. After his initial surgery and until his death, Bruno actually was able to eat, which may seem contradictory to the fact that his digestive system had been damaged badly. Then again, Bruno had since childhood performed strange acts that included the healing of himself from say being scolded by boiling water, so that he may also have been able to process food without a proper functioning digestive system.

5. Bruno was a - in lack of a better term - a 'natural born Yogi'. Not many in the East were ever born with the same capabilities, nor have they very rarely achieved similar abilities (Ramalinga and other Siddha's excluded). Bruno recognized the work of Swami Yogananda after his Autobiography became available in West-Germany, but had as such no contact with yogi's during his lifetime.

6. Bruno had two children born by his first wife (whom he later separated from). From the books by Alfred Hosp, one learns that these two souls were close to Bruno being related to his previous spiritual life and that it was never meant that they would live beyond childhood. They were spiritually very advanced and together with Bruno went around in the German countryside recognizing previous places where temples and other monuments had once been placed, that is, related to their previous incarnations together on earth. His first wife was an opponent to Bruno's use of the healing powers - and that most certainly may have added to both the childrens early deaths and the subsequent divorce. However, the main reason that the children died were the aforementioned karmic dispositions - that is according to Bruno himself as mentioned in the recollections of Alfred Hosp in his published trilogy concerned with the life and teachings of Bruno.

7. Bruno's demise and death was due primarily to the cynicity of the 'commissioners' of Western-Germany at the time. Since then, fortunately a number of German doctors and medicinal staff have come to recognize the value of Bruno's teachings and life.

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