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Date:   5/29/2012 1:21:06 PM ( 11 y ago)
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i use kirks natural coco castile bar soap,great lather! rinse out soap.
your hair will feel hard to run your fingers remove any residue left by the soap,rinse with 1/4 part apple cider vinegar to 3/4 parts can now run your hands through your soft hair.any plastic squeeze top bottle will do,leave it by the shower (empty dish detergent bottle is great,you control how much comes out,close,no spills).after you towel dry hair,apply a dime to quarter size amount of coconut oil to your palms.rub together,and evenly apply through won't believe how this simple,inexpensive,completely natural,simple process, leaves your hair cleaner,shinier,healthier,than any salon ever has!
{p.s.-I fill a clean empty glass gallon bottle 1/4 way with apple cider vinegar,3/4 water,and keep it under the kitchen sink.I use this as a refill source for the plastic squeeze bottle in the don't want glass in the bathroom!}

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