Re: Are you ready for January 21st 2013? Nobody's going to stop it! by kerminator .....

Date:   12/3/2012 7:29:49 PM ( 10 y ago)
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What can I say?

The election was rigged, the press did not present the whole truth, and the Republican candidate was not a true leader...

I wish we could vote the same way that Lincoln got elected in 1860... Five candidates ran, the qualified voters {land owners, tax payers, males, people with some form of intelligence} elected Mr. Lincoln out of the list without any big Mass Media fanfare...

I would have not voted for either of those who ran this election, because they did not really have leadership quality!

The modern election {non} process is almost a controlled system! It does not offer the average tax paying citizen much if any control or possibility to sellect a candidate who truly represents their interest!

Sad indeed!


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