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Date:   5/31/2013 2:33:38 AM ( 9 y ago)
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Wow, you answered every thought I had sent you, thank you for that.

One thing that stuck with me for the past week after reading your posts is that idea about "Christ speaking through us" when we speak the truth as we see it...

What I am getting at is when we hold back saying what we know to be true - aren't we insulting Jesus?

I think of Bradley Manning [of Wikieaks fame] and how much trouble he got in for speaking up about serious crimes. I love him for doing that. What kind of a world is it where we are punished for doing that? - it was a small crime to steal the information, but the information was about murders and tortures - much more serious crimes.

I am going to look up more bible references about "speaking truth".


My mysterious "trouble" actually relates to an addiction, and that is why I was being mysterious, I feel stupid for allowing this to happen in the first place - I was prescribed morphine for pain until I became addicted and now the doctor is reducing my dosage, by half, which is causing a lot of suffering. Its just wrong. I argue with them, their reasoning does not hold water... but too much protesting could result in "well then get out and don't come back". It is just so wrong.

He is lying to me, saying everybody is getting reduced, but it isn't true. I am outraged and afraid.

I still have a lot of pain, a "chronic pain condition". Morphine has never harmed me, it has allways worked well, there is no problem with continuing to take it.

I tried quitting a few times, it nearly killed me, its outrageously bad physically. I never knew it was going to be like that...They got me addicted and now they take it away - what WOULD Jesus do?? [well, he might have refused to take it when prescribed, lol].

Sorry to lay all this on you. I just thought some bible quotes would give me the courage to risk protesting loud and clear...


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