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Date:   6/1/2013 4:34:04 AM ( 9 y ago)
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Good to hear you come forward with the truth of what is happening with you!

Setting aside whatever questions there may be regarding the morphine, I would suggest beginning to look at the source of the pain. Where is the pain located? When did that first begin? What happened to you within several months before the onset of that? Can you identify a "shock conflict" that you had experienced prior the onset of the pain? My approach is based on the works of two giants in medicine Dr. Hamer:

and Dr. John Sarno:

Dr Sarno recommends "bibliotherapy", therapy through reading. I have experienced the benefit of this when I the most severely painful sciatica pain I ever had which catapulted me into an emotional catharsis that revealed to me the power of my suppressed rage! After the emotional catharsis my sciatica cleared up!

Dr. Hamer has mapped the connections from psyche through every location in the brain which controls all the organs and systems in the body and how a "shock conflict" registers in the brain and manifests in the corresponding part of the body. He also addresses pain in the healing cycle.

Both doctors address the factors that cause pain to the point of complete resolution of that cause.

"What would Jesus do?" He also would address the cause and offer true and complete healing.

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