Re: 40th birthday awakening by kerminator .....

Date:   10/19/2013 6:46:11 PM ( 8 y ago)
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Dear Ren:

Being further down the pathway of life than yourself; I can empithize with your accessment!

Each of us have a connection with Almighty God which connects us to Eternity! This is a vital part of our existence!

This reply is limited in space and time...

Therefore I propose to post a more complete reply message to { "40th Birthday Awakening" } on my CZ blog

Absolute Truth, Some Wisdom and Intercourse ... soon!

Since I write from truth and under the Will of God:
it is meant to not only aid you but each of us:

through our Personal Faith...

May God contine to Bless you!

** Remember you have a personal connection to your Heavenly Father! Amen!


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